Healthy breakfast with a difference

I don’t know what mornings are like in your household but here they are very chaotic.
It doesn’t matter how organised I try to be with getting our clothes out the night before, laying out toothbrushes,  getting all Emmy’s school kit ready by the door and even spooning the coffee into my cup (that’s definitely a morning essential – I can’t function without a coffee) and having water ready in the kettle, something ALWAYS hinders me and we end up in a mad panic and rushing around.
One thing I always ensure though is that the kids have breakfast,  even if they sit at the coffee table in the front room watching TV I don’t care as long as it’s eaten.
Recently we were sent some Ready Brek sachets to try, now I used to love Ready Brek as a child and it is one of the breakfasts Emmy loved when younger, sadly now we rarely get time to make it. 
These sachets are great for in a hurry though as you open them up, pour the contents into a bowl, pour milk into the empty sachet to the fill line,  pour that into a bowl and mix. Pop in the microwave for 90 seconds and it’s ready to eat.
Perfect for rushed mornings!  
But that’s hardly breakfast with a difference is it?
How about Healthy Ready Brek Breakfast smoothies?


1 Banana
250 Strawberries
250ml milk
1/2 sachet of Ready Brek (original)
Dash of Honey (optional)
  • Cut Banana into slices
  • Cut tops off the strawberries
    Add all ingredients into a liquidiser (or blender) and turn on.  Blend until smooth.
  • Pour into a glass/beaker and drink – add a straw and the kids love it even more!
If like us you’re in a hurry, drink en-route to school and at least you know the kids will start the day with a full tummy.
This not only contains 2 portions of fruit and calcium, by adding the Ready Brek it now has added vitamins & minerals, wholegrain oats and is high in fibre too!


The Ready Brek sachets are available in 3 flavours – Original, Chocolate & Gingerbread and available from all good Supermarkets.
Emmy is very taken with the Chocolate flavour, no surprise there really, Harry on the other hand prefers the Original with Honey and I am crazy about a little partial to the Gingerbread flavour. With a RRP of ÂŁ1.99 these are now on our regular shopping list, infact they are packed ready for our weekend away to help us warm up on a seaside holiday in October/early November they will be needed!


Which do you like the sound of? and do you add any extras to your porridge? 

12 thoughts on “Healthy breakfast with a difference

  1. I was thinking the other day about getting some ready brek now it's getting colder. I always offer the telly as a treat after they are ready – as an incentive to hurry up

  2. I really love your fruity smoothie recipe. I've never thought of combining Ready Brek with anything other than honey/golden syrup before.

  3. Our mornings are chaos. My daughter is such a slow and fussy eater that I am often on the verge of pulling my hair out! These look delicious though, may have to try them

  4. My Husband is a massive fan of Ready Brek, although it's not something I usually eat, but putting it into a smoothie is pure genius and I'd love to try the gingerbread flavour – I bet it's very festive!

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