Heat Holders slipper socks – review

We have had an extremely cold winter, with either lots of snow on the ground or an equal amount of puddles which has meant wrapping up extremely well.  That’s fine when your outside as you expect to be cold and you can layer up appropriately – thermals, socks, vests, long layers, hats, gloves, scarves and coats.

However when your indoors the options for keeping warm are much less – jumpers, blankets or the heating on all day long.

In this house I make a rule of the heating only going on for a few hours a day due the our heating bill being £90 per month already and prices creeping up all the time, I usually insist on making Paul put an extra layer on if he is cold (he seems to feel the cold the most), and I dress the kids appropriately (I will pop the heating on boost for an hour or two midday if it need it).

Not being one for slippers he always keeps his shoes on in the house which drives me mad – they are usually wet and muddy but he still wears them.

Heat Holders sent Paul a pair of their slipper socks to try out – they have been great at keeping his feet warm during the freezing winter and mean he now has to take his shoes off to pop these on instead.

They have a tog rating of 2.3 and really are extremely thick and I’m assured very comfy too.  With added grip to the bottom they provide great grip on our wooden flooring and are washed and worn frequently as they are the warmest socks he owns.

Other items also available from Heat holders are socks for men, women and children, hat and gloves, thermal underwear and tights and leggings.
I will be eyeing up the tights and legging for myself if the cold weather returns again.
You can visit their website www.heatholders.com and on Facebook and Twitter.

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