Heat in a click – lower back warmer review

Since my car crash back in January (not my fault I may add) I have been suffering from lower back pain which seems to be getting worse now I’m pregnant, this may be due to the fact I can’t take any pain killers or may be down to Emmy being poorly with Chicken Pox and wanting carrying everywhere, either way by the end of the evening I’m often in agony with my back.  This won’t get better on it’s own and I have been referred to Physio to help treat it, but in the meantime I’ve been looking for non-chemical solutions.

While at the Baby Show I came across Heat in a Click and got chatting to them, I explained my back pain and the cause and the fact I was pregnant so couldn’t take any strong pain killers and they kindly offered one of their products for me to try out.

This product was the lower back warmer kit – included in the pack is a large reusable heat pad and a belt which the pad is inserted into and worn around the lower waist.

Emmys Mummy - Heat in a Click
Emmys Mummy - Heat in a Click
This pad works in the same way as smaller hand warmers which you can buy – you flex a small metal disc back and forth, this disc is located inside the gel – crystals begin to form in the gel which spread across the pad warming the whole pad.  You then knead the pad to soften it and then insert into the belt.
I have used this pad quite a few times now in the evenings and it keeps warm for just over an hour and is very easy use, it has also helped to ease my aching back without the need for tablets which when pregnant is a must.
Once you have finished with the pad and it is cool, to reuse you need to boil a large pot of water, placing a cloth or tea towel at the bottom of the pan.  The pad is then placed onto the cloth and you need to continue to boil until all of the crystals are dissolved and the pad is completely clear.  I find this takes around 30-40 minutes.  If when you take the pad out there are still crystals then you need to reboil again.  Once it has cooled down it is ready to use again.

I try to make a point of boiling mine in the morning when I make my breakfast so it is ready to use in the day if I need to grab it quickly.

Except for taking a while to boil back to its original state I really like this heat pad as it really does help to ease my backache come an evening.  I have read reports from others who have brought this that they have put it on a high heat in the dishwasher or the washing machine but I’m yet to try that for myself.

You can buy these from Direct Golf or online from Amazon. You can also buy shoulder heat pads, foot warmers, baby bottle warmers, muscle warmers and traveller warmers.

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