Help – this car drives itself!

That’s what you could hear me shouting out the window to Paul while on a day out over the Summer.

During the school holidays we were invited by Citroen to test drive their new C4 cars over at the Harry Potter Studio”s in Watford, and of course we jumped at the chance to be nosey, have a bite to eat with the team and then wander the studios.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when we arrived, however Watford being only 40 minutes from my house we were very keen to attend the family fun event.

When we arrived we were directed to a remote end of the car park and parked up.  Citroen had taken over a large area just for the day and WOW! a luxury marquee awaited us which was huge, the car park was full of shiny new cars and the staff on hand to cater for your every need.  I was having a great day already.

Inside the marque we had the chance to dress up as Harry Potter and Emmy even had some wand training, while Harry just waved his around and got cross when anyone tried to take it off him.

Harry Potter tour,

After a buffet to die for: with mini burgers, mini hot dogs, pizzas as well as more grown up salads and meats amongst other delights and then some delicious puddings – we then moved outside to browse the cars.

Emmy, Harry and I loved just sitting in them opening all the doors, cubby holes and searching for the hiding places – this was made fun with a game of hide and seek.  Haribo’s were hidden around the car and Emmy was encouraged to climb around the car, touch things and to search for them.  She loved this and it was here we discovered just how many storage places the new C4 Picasso’sactually have.  My favourite was the under floor storage in the passenger foot well and the back foot wells.  This would be perfect for the kids toys when they aren’t being played with or to store Emmy’s Innatab2 and computer games out of view when not in use.

Citroen C4 Picasso, citroen c4,

We have booked to go to Butlin’s again just after Emmy’s 4th birthday in February and this car would be perfect for storing all the luggage and arriving in luxury…..Now I wonder if Citroen would like to lend me one for the weekend?

I mentioned this car drives itself didn’t I?  Well I really wasn’t kidding.

It was time for a test drive.

I sent Paul off on the parking challenge, seeing as he does the most driving in our household and as I can’t park very well.

It was hard to see what was going on standing at the side watching, so when he came back saying I would love that I took up the challenge and tried myself.

Strapping myself in and getting comfy, the first thing which was obvious was the lack of key and the lack of handbrake. 

I was then told we were going to parallel park, I drove past a parking space, indicated left and then using the computer I had to choose parallel park, tell the computer the parking space was on my left, then I had to let go of the steering wheel and reverse!

Yes, LET GO of the steering wheel and reverse!

I’ll admit it was rather nerve racking to do – but once you could see the computer taking over and guiding/steering the car and once the initial fear has eased I LOVED this! I was guided into the space automatically, you can see the back of the car on the screen in front of you so there is no need to even turn around and if you can’t make the turn in one go (there are parking sensors so you know if you get to close) then you just select drive (this was an automatic) and the car takes over again.

We then went off to reverse park, this is the same as the parallel park only you tell the computer it is a reverse park and which side your parking space is on.  Select reverse and let the car take over.

Citroen C4,

It’s a surreal feeling to begin with but I WANT THIS CAR.  I love this feature and it is something I would make use of on a daily basis.

After our play with the cars we headed off to the Harry Potter Studios and had an amazing time – even though Emmy hadn’t seen Harry Potter before, she absolutely loved it as did we and I would highly recommend any Harry Potter fans to visit.

We would like to thank Citroen for an amazing day out although they are now responsible for me now wanting a new car – which may not be thanked as I definitely can’t afford one.

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