Help – What do I wear to Harry’s Christening?

I was recently introduced to a new website by a PR I consider to be a friend.  When Aaron asked me to take a look at Style In View there was no doubt I was going to.

I’m very glad I did as I really love it – not only was I able to browse clothes until my heart was content, as well as accessories I was able to find some great bargains which I have added to my wish list now and am awaiting cleared eBay sale funds so I can buy these items which I now need – I’m blaming Aaron entirely for my spending!!  Especially with some of my favourite brands on the site, such as Monsoon, New Look, DKNY, Asos and many more.

With this site you are able to create your own style boards – think Polyvore boards but with a difference (the difference being I can do it! I’ve never managed to get on with Polyvore at all – must learn!)

Being able to create style boards is a great idea when you have a special occasion coming up and can’t decide what to wear.  I’ve a friends wedding in September and Harry’s Christening in October and will need dresses for those – so I’ve been able to create a board for this reason which I’m then able to share with friends and ask their opinions.

Here is my Summer Stylee board, click on the buttons (previous & next) below and see what I’ve selected:

Now can you actually do me a favour please?

Can you help me choose a dress for Harry’s Christening from my board?  Thank you:

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