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As a parent, I want to help Emmy and in time Harry get the best out of their time in school, while Emmy finds school work fun and exciting currently I know this may not always be the case, and we are already beginning to struggle getting her to sit down and complete her homework…..I completely get it – school work is for school and home time is for playing, and even at almost 7 she doesn’t see why they need to mix.

I was always the same, I enjoyed my younger years at school but homework was always a chore and it only got worse as I got older and the amount increased.

I have been having a little play around with a new website called Education Quizzes and Emmy has been joining in with some of the quizzes at home and we have been having great fun – family fun but also learning through play, which as a parent I try to encourage lots of – if they are having fun they don’t see it as work or as learning.

Education Quizzes is a site geared to quizzes for families with children aged from 5 – 17 years. The quizzes are set out in school years so they are tailed to what your child is learning in school for their age range.


We have been looking at the KS1 as Emmy is still in year 2 so it follows the work she is doing in class, I didn’t want to start off on too high a level for her as if she struggles too much it wouldn’t be fun for her and it would feel too much like homework which isn’t the idea.

Within each age range there are numerous subjects for the quizzes including: Computing, English, Geography, History, Maths, RE, Spelling, Science, Times Tables and more.

Each subject then has numerous quizzes available and you can keep track of which you have already played as well as your scores.


Emmy has been enjoying these as it means she is able to sit and play on my laptop – something she often asks to do but I very rarely allow, I use this laptop for work so can’t have it broken, however while she is playing these quizzes she is also learning so I can’t really complain.

The quizzes are in the form of written questions which have pictures – so for instance it will so a picture of shapes and you choose from the multiple choice options what that shape is or will ask your child to fill in the missing gaps using multiple choice.  The below is from the KS1 maths section of quizzes which Emmy is finding great fun as she loves numbers.

Educational quizzes for kidsThese quizzes help to encourage your child to read the questions properly in order to work out the answer and they are fun too. With only 10 questions per quiz it isn’t hard work for them but a new way of learning and having fun at the same time.

Emmy has been helping Harry to play too by reading him the questions and the answers and helping him to input the correct answer – which reminds me I have to get a mouse for them to make it easier.

These quizzes are designed to provide fun for all ages and are written for children by teachers.

If you would like to try them for yourself/your chid then Education Quizzes is a monthly subscription service which can be cancelled at ANY time. It costs £9.95 per month.

The company are conscious of the fact that not every parent can afford this fee which is why they are also trying to promote it to schools as a greatly reduced fee for each child.

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