Helping to save money over the festive period

Christmas is so much fun and brings joy to those around us, however it can be jolly well expensive too and lets face it we don’t all have a Christmas fund stashed away despite what we plan every year (I always have great intentions of putting a few pounds away weekly to fund this time of year, I often make it until February until I start breaking into the pot and by March it has all disappeared, I’m sure I’m not alone here though – there seems to be more rainy day expenses and emergency bills/repairs each year).
There are a few things I religiously do in a bid to help keep the costs down, such as:
  • Saving old Christmas cards to use as gift tags the following year – put them away with the Christmas decorations and you’ll easily find them again next year. 
  • Buying Christmas wrapping paper and Cards after Christmas – they are so cheap by New Year that it seems silly to me to buy them at full price – also store these with the tree/decorations and you won’t be searching around madly come next December
  • Shopping in the January sales and sales throughout the year – I get the Children’s Christmas PJ’s in the January sales (we always have new PJ’s on Christmas eve), I buy in the next size up to ensure they will fit and store safely away.

    I also pick up little bargains throughout the year to keep down the costs – gift sets are usually really cheap after Christmas, toiletries, perfume sets etc. and they make wonderful gifts for the adult family members.  Just remember where you’ve stored them!

The important thing to remember this festive period is not to over spend, there is no point getting yourselves into debt just because you feel you need to buy presents for everyone in the family – set a budget and stick to it, try to be inventive and perhaps think outside the box if money is short.  Homemade gifts are a perfect Christmas present – we made Homemade Chocolate Orange Fudge for presents last year and they were greatly received.

If you would like a few more money saving ideas then Alexander & Co accountants in Manchester have put together this infographic with a few more suggestions on to help keep the costs down.

How are you keeping the costs down this year?  Do you have any tips you would like to share?

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