Helping to teach children about healthier options with Whitworths #MyAmazingBody

Whitworths Bright Little Nuts

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I know I am very lucky in that when it comes to food choices my children really aren’t that fussy at all, yes they would happily eat plain pasta with cheese, macaroni cheese or even hotdogs until the cows came home BUT that said Emmy’s all time favourite foods are my homemade chicken pie with vegetables, spaghetti bolognese or a full roast dinner and Harry loves nothing more than sushi and strawberries!

I have never had to disguise vegetables for my children to eat them, my Husband yes but never the children and if we were to head out to a carvery their entire plates would be filled with carrots, peas, broccoli, cauliflower and even sprouts – they love them all.

They do however have both have a sweet tooth when it comes to snacks and I am guilty of having too many different snacks in the house for them to choose from as if they eat their dinner I am happy for them to choose whatever they want to eat, the choices range from crisps, sweets, biscuits, chocolate and ice-cream.

While I am happy for them to eat these I do know the fault in the choices comes down to myself as I am the one who does the shopping, always using the thought process that a little won’t hurt but I am noticing more and more that they are playing off my good nature and instead of these being for after dinner they are either beginning to help themselves during the day or eating more than one of them. After lunch I used to insist on them having a fruit or yogurt if they were still hungry – they snacks have a shorter shelf life though so unless I have been to the supermarket and stocked up on fresh fruit they are more likely to grab one of the unhealthier options.

This is where Whitworths are here to help, their new snack products are individual packets of nuts. The Bright Little Nuts range consists of:

  • Mini Cashews
  • Mini Halzelnuts
  • Almond Halves

These can be purchased in packs of 5 with each sealed bag containing the perfect snack sized portion. These cost £2.59 per box and are perfect for chucking into the bottom of my handbag to keep the kids refueled during our outdoor adventures or even after school while waiting for dinner to cook as they will keep them going and not spoil their appetites.

Now ordinarily my children wouldn’t grab a bag of nuts to eat, they have been offered previously but they’ve always been unwilling to even try to taste them but these have been made with children in mind – with fun characters on the brightly coloured packets as well as fun facts and if that weren’t enough to encourage them to try these snacks have fun collectible ‘My Amazing Body’ cards inside to collect.

There are 5 cards in each pack and all contain amazing body facts and games to play, the children have found these fascinating and its a great way to teach them about parts of our bodies and the jobs those organs have within our body in an age appropriate way, for example:

The Kidneys:

  • We have two kidneys that clean your blood by getting rid of all the gross stuff and extra water in your body. This is then made into wee.
  • The kidneys produce around two litres of wee every day
  • Your body can work with just one kidney
  • Your kidneys are the same shape as a kidney bean only bigger, each being the size of a computer mouse or mobile phone.

I have to admit that they both weren’t all that keen on the Almond halves but  they did at least try them which is more than they have ever done before, however they are now big fans of the Cashews and Hazelnuts.

Did you know that Cashews are a natural source of phosphorous to aid energy release and Hazelnuts are a natural source of copper to help your immune system?  With my children both in school they pick up every single germ being passed around so anything I can do to help boost their immune systems is a huge plus for me and with the amount of climbing and rushing around this pair do it may be me needing that boost of energy!

While I am unable to pack the children off to school with these new snacks (our school is completely nut free), I am now happy in the knowledge that these are within their reach at home to eat whenever they want to and hopefully keep them from asking for naughtier treats all the time.

Now if I could only stop them fighting over the collectors cards……..but that’s a battle for another day!


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