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Those of you who know Emmy well will know she loves her dodo’s  (Dummy’s), she has around 13 dotted around the house and carries 2-3 around with her at any one time.  They got the name dodo’s as when she was younger she would just make a fish face and do a fish impression when she wanted it and it became annoying so I named them dodo’s as we want them to become extinct at some point (hopefully in the near future).

Emmy doesn’t care what type, colour or style of dodo she has, she has them all.  Harry on the other hand seems to only like the orthodontic style teats (he is  comfort sucker, so for the sake of my nipples he now has a dodo too).

Emmy and Harry were recently sent a new type of dummy each along with a dummy clip to keep them attached from Hevea, what makes these dummy’s different to others is they are made from one single piece of 100% natural Rubber.

Hevea baby pacifier, rubber dummy, natural rubber dummy, www.emmysmummy.com, rubber pacifier

Unlike most dummy’s there is no plastic to this and because it is made from a single piece of rubber means germs can not hide ans accumulate in the joints.

The ventilation holes have been decorated with stars and moon designs on Harry’s and with flower designs on Emmy’s.  There dummy is butterfly shaped with adequate space for the nose and chin.

Hevea baby pacifier, rubber dummy, natural rubber dummy, www.emmysmummy.com, rubber pacifierHevea baby pacifier, rubber dummy, natural rubber dummy, www.emmysmummy.com, rubber pacifier, baby sleeping on front
The dummy clips are also cutely designed with animals along the material as well as a name label, these clip onto the children’s clothes and the dummy is attached and secured by a Velcro loop.  Emmy has a pink clip and Harry’s is blue.
Priced at £5.99 per dummy and £9.99 per holder this is much more than I would normally pay for a single dummy, however if used together you shouldn’t need to buy another as they wont get lost – this has been proven by Emmy who usually loses them often (hence we have so many) however we still have this one attached to the clip and I know where it is! 

These are available to buy in the UK from www.thethinkingbaby.com www.bebecatalog.com http://www.bynature.co.uk/ and http://www.huggle.co.uk./

These products have also won many awards recently and certain are a hit with both Emmy and Harry.

Natural rubber bath toys and teethers are also available to buy – see the website for details http://www.heveababy.com/

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