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Both Emmy and Harry love magazines and often ask for one when we are in the newsagents.  As a parent I am happy to buy them for them but I prefer to steer them towards something which has an educational aspect to it too instead of them choosing only for the toy on the front.

I have lost count of the magazines they have chosen based only on the free toy on the front – the magazine itself is very rarely opened let alone read, coloured etc.  More often than not I have ended up binning these after a couple of weeks which really is a waste of money.

With both children loving CBeebies we have been given a copy of the brand new magazine Hey Duggee, as many of you may know he is a lovable CBeebies character .

The Hey Duggee magazine is aimed at children aged 2-6 years of age and as well as having the usual toy on the front the magazine is educational in a fun way (this means the kids will be learning without ever realising it! Always a bonus) and it actually helps to support the Early Years Curriculum too with games to play, pictures to colour and to finish drawing, letters to trace over, number recognition with dot-to-dots.

There is actually quite a lot for the kids to do in this magazine with fun and games on every page.  You will also find a story you can read together and lots of stickers too.

This first issue is The Cake Badge Issue – featuring baking stories, food based activities and even a recipe to make your own Duggee bites (biscuits) using the cookie cutter you will find on the front of the magazine.

Priced at £2.75 and available from today this really is a cute magazine which you can work through together with your children and hopefully they will enjoy the whole thing as apposed to casting away after they’ve grabbed the toys from the front.


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