Hey Mr Postman, Is there a letter for me?

Today I have a lovely guest post for you from a good friend and fellow blogger Lucy (Lucy’s Mad House).  Lucy is a super mum to 4 wonderful children, as well as being a fab blogger she also finds time to sew and makes some wonderful items – do take a look over at Crafts By Lucy.

I now pass you over to Lucy:

Hey Mr Postman, Is there a letter for me?

How many of you have things delivered in a cardboard box and throw that box away? Usually without a second thought that the box you think is rubbish could actually be turned into a learning opportunity for your child. For those of you that my have a cardboard box laying around… stop… don’t bin it. Get your creative juices flowing. 
How many times do you buy a toy because its something you think the kids will play with but not sure how long the interest will last and when you do buy it you feel let down because they played with it once and then it sits getting dusty on the shelf? I have had my eye one a wooden toy that is essentially a small post box with wooden letters that the child posts through the hole then opens the door and retrieves the letters from inside. I don’t know what has stopped me buying this toy apart from the fact that there are too many toys in this house and the fact that my husband will tell me off for buying more toys!   Well those cardboard boxes that come free with your latest purchase can be so much fun and if the kids don’t play with it then it can be recycled on again.
On the day I got creative with one of my delivery boxes, we made something similar to the toy that I had my eye on and I managed to entertain all 4 children for some time, how many things occupy children from the age of 14 down to the age of one?  

What I am saying here is instead of spending money on a new toy, you can make one, you don’t have to be a creative master, kids imaginations will make up all sorts and the possibilities are endless.
The older kids got busy making and decorating envelopes and the younger ones really enjoyed posting them into the box that I made using a pair of scissors and some duck tape. This activity will promote lots of educational qualities, sharing, pencil control, scissor control, social and communication skills, counting and colours.

You could make a play house, car, fire engine, boat, fairy castle or a space ship and if you have a look in your recycling you can find lots of things to decorate it with too.  Have fun xx

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