Hiding away the rubbish in the garden

Wheelie bin storage

As much as we hate it every household produces rubbish and with 4 people in our home as well as a dog we manage to generate quite a lot of it.

We recycle as much as possible – card, paper, tins, milk cartons etc. Food waste goes into our Green wheelie bin along with garden waste, recycling goes into clear bags and the rest goes into black sacks in our Black wheelie bin.

Organising the rubbish is relatively easy these days, we know which items go where and in my kitchen I have 1 small food waste bin which is emptied regularly, a waste bin and 2 bins for our recycling as we have more of that than anything else – the problem is once the rubbish leaves the kitchen bins and makes it into the garden the wheelie bins are very unsightly and lets face it wheelie bins are never pretty.

Wheelie bin storage direct came to the rescue by sending us a double storage unit which is purpose built to hide away these neatly in your garden, removing the eyesore while making them accessible at the same time.

After our order was placed we were given a delivery date and it arrived in a van that morning. It comes in a very large crate and the delivery driver was unable to help carry it into the house, I decided to have it delivered to the back gate and he could only drop off outside and not help me down the step with it. I had to use the claw end of a hammer to open up the crate and take the slats out a few at a time and carry into the garden.

The storage unit comes in pieces and with detailed instructions you build it yourself. The instructions suggest a few hours and 2 people and I initially thought this was nonsense and set about it alone – only to be proved wrong and it was more suited to a couple of people as you need to stand the sides/back/front up while screwing into place.

Really annoyingly pilot holes for the screws were only on one side of the pieces of wood so getting the screw into the first was easy but lining it up with the adjoining piece of wood and getting it to bite was rather difficult indeed.

You also need a flat surface to work on, and while we were making it up on the patio in the garden we soon discovered that it sloped a little which mean when we thought we had lined the panels up straight they were actually a little crooked which now means that the locks are off bonk and we need to lift one side up a little to lock the doors again – this could have been combatted by having the pilot holes pre-made in the panels in the first place.

As far as I managed on my own

It’s certainly not the easiest item to put together but thankfully you do need to do this only once.

I would recommend having someone help you get this into the garden when it arrives, or unparcel and bring into the garden in pieces as lifting the crate really isn’t an option. Leave a block of time to make this too.

It is now very sturdy now in the garden, each door opens separately so you can remove a bin at a time and there is also a lifting lid which has a chain which can be run through a hole in the bins lid to lift the wheelie bin lid at the same time as lifting the wooden lid.

You could paint these up to match in with your garden décor should you want to, I don’t think I’ll bother personally.

These storage units come in single, double, triple and quad versions, and you choose the size of the bins they are to contain from 140lt bins to 240lt bins.  There are also recycling bin storage units available.

For more information please visit: www.wheeliebinstoragedirect.co.uk

Disclaimer: We received this item in exchange for a honest review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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3 thoughts on “Hiding away the rubbish in the garden

  1. It looks very smart, rubbish and an ugly bin is the bane of my life in my garden, I haven’t thought of a clever solution like this!

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