Hit by the Lunchbox Police already!

We are now into week 3 of School and I’ve been in trouble with the teachers already – well three times actually but that’s another post.

Emmy does 3 afternoon’s at School and one full day.  On the full day I have to send her in with a lunchbox.

Her first day of School was a full day, I sent her in with a lunchbox – trying my hardest to hit a good balance between Good Mummy for Emmy by adding her favourites and Good parent for the School’s benefit by adding a healthy mix of foods.

On her first day her lunchbox contained:

  • A Cheese Sandwich with the crusts cut off
  • Grapes
  • Cheese
  • A few Wotsits
  • Raisins
  • Yogurt and spoon
  • A sports bottle of water

I thought that was a good balance, mostly healthy with an added treat.

So you can imagine how surprised I was to open her lunchbox to receive a letter from the lunchbox Police.

A carefully written letter addressed to all parents, so I guess I wasn’t alone telling me what I can and can’t add to her lunchbox.

The main things to be avoided were:

  • Capri-Sun’s or similar drinks
  • Squeezy yogurts
  • Chocolate

The one which has most surprised and annoyed me is:

  • Only carton drinks with straws are allowed

Now this too me seems wrong on many levels:

  1. It creates unnecessary waste
  2. It’s impossible for me as a parent to judge how much is being drunk as the cartons get thrown away
  3. It’s far more expensive to buy cartons than to fill a reusable bottle with water or a little squash

I don’t actually ever buy carton drinks at home, it’s not that she isn’t allowed them but they are expensive and Emmy is more than happy with squash or diluted juice.

The only reason I can come up with for only allowing these types of drinks would be to stop leaking bottles.

I’ve conformed and have brought some only for her lunchboxes as I don’t want to make a fuss and cause trouble at her new school however it doesn’t mean I like it!

13 thoughts on “Hit by the Lunchbox Police already!

  1. I should have added that the school does provide water in school for the children for when they want it.
    It's only if we want to provide them with a drink it has to be a carton.

  2. I really think you should take a stand. Children should drink water with meals, not packaged drinks, and you made the right choice. Carton drinks can be packed with sugar, and even the pure fruit juice ones have enough sugar and acid to be bad for a child's teeth if drunk too frequently. Plus getting the straw in can be a challenge for a child (OK, for a grown up too, I speak from personal experience) and they can end up with the juice all over themselves. Plain water either in a small bottle or one of the reusable bottle-style cups is a far better choice, and more economical too.

    If the school doesn't like that, then they should provide a water dispenser and make sure the children use it.

  3. I'd still be really interested to know the official reasoning on the cartons – especially as it doesn't necessarily guarantee something healthy – you can get some right sugary dross in cartons!

  4. I understand the need for SOME 'rules' around the lunchbox but if I'm honest I can't see the issue with a few crisps or a penguin bar as long as there is a balance. When school dinners are healthy options only maybe they have room to criticise but for me, I would rather my son eat that REALLY un healthy 63 calories bag of quavers, a ham sandwich, yogurt and 2 chocolate fingers at lunch than eat those oh-so-good for you turkey twirlers, chips and pizza the school provide… My son doesn't start school for 2 years, I hope they don't realise how many calories are in a slice of bread or how it doesn't really contribute anything to your diet. I fear he may only be allowed cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes.

    I know that when he gets home he will be having a good healthy meal and thats what counts. For those parents who children always go to school with 99% unhealthy foods then I'm sure the school can deal with them appropriately and teach them the values of nutrition ?

    We never have cartons either. How ridiculous. Apart from the cost issue, I wander how many children squeeze the cartons too hard and have to be wet for the afternoon?

  5. I woud write a letter back an dput it in her lunchbox and say

    dear teacher

    I will feed my child a healthy balanced diet and give her a drink that I think is sufficient. I will not be told what packaging the food I provide should come in.

    Kind Regards

    a Good Mother

  6. They actually stopped people sending in bottles in my girls school because there were a few sneaky parents filling the bottles with fizzy pop…They now have water bottles kept in school and filled each day with water….
    That is a bit fussy though having to use Cartons! I don't agree with that!

  7. blimey we don't have such strict rules! I tend to send my son in with apple juice carton to make sure he gets at least 1 fruit portion a day. Squeezy yogurts are a lot less mess than pots and easier for smaller kids – wonder why they are banned?

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