Holiday countdown and excitement has set in!!

We are going on holiday in 11 days!! 11 DAYS YAY…

It seems like so long ago we found out along with 39 other bloggers that we had been chosen as Butlins Ambassadors.

Emmy and I are SO excited, I’m sure daddy is too if he were to be honest.  We are now going as a family of 4.  When I booked I was pregnant and couldn’t give Harry’s date of birth but he is now here and is 4 months old, he has been booked a travel cot and I called yesterday to add his name to the booking. (we were going with my parents but that has now changed so will be taking Harry on his 1st ever holiday and Emmy on her 2nd holiday).

Before bed tonight I was showing Emmy where she would be sleeping, some of the characters and things to do and explaining how we would be having lunch on of the days with Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder and some other of her favourites.

We have booked into a Reef apartment in the new Wave hotel at Bognor Regis – This is somewhere I have been many times as a child with my parents staying in the old type chalets.  Staying in the hotel will be a whole new experience for me.

This will be a little bit of much needed luxury, I’m hoping for a rest if I’m honest – I will be leaving the laptop at home (or I plan too) and if I do take it with me I certainly won’t be intending to use it (much). I’m going to spend far less time on Facebook and Twitter and here on the blog (I’ll be leaving you with a few scheduled guest posts by some lovely friends instead).

So now I’m counting down the days, building up the excitement and making lists of all I need to remember….there is a lot to remember with 2 small children – I will be posting a list in a day or two and will be wanting your help to remind me of what I have missed.

Here is where Emmy will be sleeping:

Her very own underwater themed room complete with port hole on the door and a TV/DVD player at the foot each bunk bed (if we can get her to sleep in there that is as she is in our bed mostly with Daddy while Harry and I are in her room). 

I’m looking forward to no cooking and spending the whole week designated to family fun.  We will be taking Harry swimming for the very first time – he adores his bath so I know he will love the pool.  Emmy has been excited to see the water slides and I have even invested in a new swimming costume.

Now I’ve just got to catch up on the mountain which is my washing basket so that I can think about packing.

6 thoughts on “Holiday countdown and excitement has set in!!

  1. Ooh not long to go!! Good luck with all the packing! We took friends in for tyhe day on Tuesday and had a whale of a time. Can't wait for our holiday! We'll give you a wave in the Wave as we drive by next week!!

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