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As you know I was a Nanny for 14 years and during that time I worked with a few families but mostly I stayed with a family until they outgrew the need for a Nanny – staying with two families one for 5 years and the other for 6 years.  I absolutely loved my job and the roles of a Nanny are very varied which is why I never got bored and always loved my job.
With those to families the children were in private schools and with that came longer school days and in turn longer school holidays.  It actually worked well and did mean that the families could go on holiday during the first weeks of the holidays before the other schools had broken up.  I would sometime go on holiday with them as a family and other times I would take my own holiday in this time.
I often went away myself then but a few times I actually chose to work with another family working as their nanny and tutor to the children.
These would be families I had know previously or who had contacted me via my childcare profile on an agency page. 
The ages would often be varied and what the parents were looking for would depend on the age of the children.
A few times I worked with younger children spending one-on-one time with them helping to encourage their reading skills, others it was handwriting and basic maths help they were looking for a little extra help with.
Of course I am not a qualified teacher/tutor so what I could offer would depend on the children’s ages and was only a basic level.  This was perfect for younger children around 5-8 as they saw  me as their friend.  I was there to have fun and to play with them mainly in their school holidays however we would work through workbooks, activity sheets and special projects together.  They may have been learning but they didn’t see it that way at all.
When the children were older this wasn’t something that I could offer any longer as their level of learning in certain subjects had passed mine.  We could work through work books together but boy was I grateful of the answers in the back of the books at times.
A few of the families then chose to have a tutor for their children during the holiday period, maybe once or twice a week, Fleet Tutors for example have lots of tutors available depending on the subject/age of your child.  Now don’t get me wrong they definitely were not pushy parents at all – far from it, they just didn’t want to see their child fall behind during the long period of time off of school.
I can see why they did this and I personally think it is a very good idea for older children, especially those about to embark on exams.  6 weeks away from the school environment while is fun  isn’t always beneficial (it was 9 weeks off in the private school). 
I think that keeping the pattern of learning going, even if only once a week can be a very good thing as it keeps topics fresh in their minds, progresses them onto another level and makes sure they don’t fall behind.
I am continuing Emmy’s learning even in the half-terms and holidays by working through work books and activity books with her.
Do your children enjoy workbooks and activity books?  Maybe you could help them to write their own holiday diaries by printing off pictures for them. 
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