Holiday plans, family life & less procrastination 

We are now in full swing of the Easter holidays, the children broke up a little early last Friday and we are all set to enjoy 2 full weeks of fun and busy days.

The kids started the festivities on a high as Harry won the school Easter bonnet competition for Nursery, with his prize being a large Easter Egg and an Easter Bunny.  They were also treated to an after school treat of a trip to the pancake/waffle shop in town by their Grandads girlfriend. She adores the children and they were thrilled to be picked up and whisked away for a few hours, they even took her into the local museum for a look around, and mugged her in the gift shop (sorry Kelly).

Easter bonnets made for school We made the chicks using a tutorial from @easypeasyandfun

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This meant I was able to hit the ground running so to speak as had a whole undisturbed day to work, I turned off all notifications on my phone and refrained from checking emails and social media – the TV stayed off and it is amazing just how productive I can be without those few distractions.  With lots ticked off my to do list I no longer feel as stressed, of course there is still lots left to do but it was a good start.

We’ve also already been to see Disney on Ice – 100 years of Magic, taking my sister with us for her first ever Disney on Ice experience – it was once again amazing and we all had a blast.

In one of my crazy moments I had booked Emmy onto a crash swimming course for this week…a stroke clinic to help improve her technique in a bid to see her move to the next stage. It was crazy as the class starts at 9am…in the school holidays, there went any idea of lazy mornings for me. After day 1 I booked Harry in too, well we are up anyway and watching so he may as well join in. It’s cost a little over £40 for both of them to join in which isn’t too bad at all really, and they will both benefit from it.

As we’ve been up and about I’ve found myself more productive too, coming home and clearing the garden, cutting down bushes and trees before moving onto cleaning the house.

With the weather being nice the children have spent a lot of time playing in the garden and for the majority of rhetoric time getting on.

I’ve begun packing and sorting for this weekends holiday, our first of the year. We also have a camping trip planned and are off to Butlins in the Summer which is rather exciting as the kids love it so much. We are also looking at filling a few days in the May holidays and fitting in another break somewhere over the October break perhaps, day trips or a long weekend.

It’s only day 3 of our Easter holidays but so far they’ve been busy, fun and productive.

We have also just taken delivery of an awesome Easter gift which was a surprise – a very welcomed one, I am totally jealous of Emmy’s new earphones – aren’t they cool?

How are you spending your holidays?


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