Holidaying in the Holidays

The School holiday’s at the moment don’t mean much to Emmy or us as being at pre-school it is hit and miss whether she goes or not, meaning holidays for us can be taken at any time of the year.  From September she will be in Nursery so we need to start thinking about adhering to school rules although still not 100% essential.

We haven’t taken Emmy or Harry abroad yet however one day we will and will probably look at package holidays, when they are old enough.

While they are young we want to enjoy family time together and spend holidays enjoying them and showing them different things, however once they are at an age where they can be left in kids clubs etc. I’m sure it’s something we will look into.

This fun video from First choice highlights in a funny way the lack of free time parents actually get to themselves, although to be fair having the amount of children they have in this video it’s not surprising free time is missing in action: (apologises in advance if you spend the rest of the day singing along to Bugsy – I have)

The lines I like best are: “Can you chill, kick back, have a drink, take a nap when you need to?”, “Take us to a kids club, let us run about, then you get some head space until we get out”

It’s made me start thinking about how chaotic school holidays and holidaying in that period of time can be – I mean when you then go away it’s not just your own children running around making noise and having fun is it? No, it’s everyone else who has to holiday in that time too – Ekkkkkk, now my own kids I can handle but that amount of other children and their endless energy too?  Kids clubs must be a wise move I’m sure and I think now may the time to start saving and looking around for our own package deals. 

Now where would be an ideal location to take the kids abroad for the first time and which type of holiday would you suggest?

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8 thoughts on “Holidaying in the Holidays

    1. I think a holiday should be about families 🙂 They have plenty of years to swan off and to their own thing – even better they have to pay for it themselves by then

  1. I haven't taken my two abroad yet – and it will be increasingly difficult now that schools are not allowed to authorise term time holidays. You can just imagine the price increases!!

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