Holidaying with Children – Preparing for the Journey

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The thought of travelling with children can often be met with doubt, panic and worry, but, there are certain measures you can take that will make the journey much more enjoyable for the whole family! Simple tips and tricks can help to make your journey go as smoothly as possible, so here are a few to bear in mind the next time your family are heading off on an adventure.

Don’t Rush

Arriving at your holiday location may feel to you like your holiday has officially begun, but, for many children, the journey is part of the experience too! For many little ones, packing bags, jumping in the car and waving bye to their home is the start of their break. Try to allow yourself plenty of time to set off; this extra time will give you all the chance to enjoy the process a little more, rather than frantically running around the house and piling into the car as quickly as possible so you can get on the road in good time. This leeway also means tantrums, toilet stops and other time-consuming activities will be accounted for, making you all much more relaxed on the road.


Planning your preferred route, packing your clothes, toys and any extras and organising snacks and drinks the night before or even earlier can relieve some of the stress on the day you are scheduled to leave. This forward planning also gives your children time to prepare for the day ahead. Talk to them about where you are going, how long it’ll take and give them a choice of which toys they would like to bring along too. That way, they will feel as though they have contributed to the planning and they’ll be prepared and aware of what’s coming next, both of which will mean they are less likely (hopefully) to throw a wobbly!

Games and Entertainment

If your journey is likely to last a couple of hours or more, it’s a good idea to have a variety of activities that will keep your children occupied. Bring along a range of toys and colouring books and get inventive with your imaginations! If your children are old enough, play the memory test game or 20 questions and the hours will pass by. Phones and tablets are also a great way of keeping kids occupied in the car (and they don’t take up too much room), so be sure to download some interesting apps and games for them to get stuck into.

Food and Drink

It is best to stick as close to your child’s usual food and drink routine as possible. It’s also beneficial to stay away from any extra sugary or unhealthy snacks. A long journey, a tummy churning full of sweets and an energetic kid stuck in the car will not make for a relaxing trip. Also, bring along with you plenty of snacks such as carrot sticks, apples or rice cakes; they’ll keep their hands occupied and bellies full (for a little while at least!).


This point goes without saying really, but if you’re using this as a check list I thought it was best to mention it! If your child has a comforter, bring it along with you and make sure its within easy access during your journey. Whether they have a favourite teddy, muslin, blanket or dummy, keep it in a safe place at all times. Being in a new environment can be overwhelming for kids and having their comforter can make them feel more confident and at ease, it’s likely it will also help them get to sleep, so you can all get that much-needed rest and relaxation.

Travelling abroad, or spending more than a couple of hours in the car to get to your holiday destination when you have children can seem like unnecessary stress, not to mention the extra cost! When you have little ones, enjoying a staycation with your nearest and dearest can be much more appealing, and with so many unexplored and stunning destinations on our doorstep in the UK, we are spoilt for choice! One of my favourite places is North Wales, the landscape is diverse, from a breath-taking mountain range, soft sandy beaches and hidden coves and ancient woodlands to picture-perfect towns and villages steeped in history. There is an abundance of activities that all the family can enjoy in the area and there is even the possibility of it becoming your home away from home with the range and availability of Wales caravans for sale! 

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