Is your home baby proof?

I am so glad that my baby days are over, the things I remember having to do to my house drove me a little mad, but that’s nothing compared to what it did to family members without children who visited – you’d have thought they were competing in the krypton factor trying to open a stair gate or a cupboard with a latch on.

Then there is the going downstairs in the middle of the night to grab a drink and fumbling with these gates and then jumping out of bed at the slightest noise because you can’t remember if you closed them again….I am thankful that worry is now behind me that’s for sure.

The list of things I did to make sure my babies were safe was endless:

  • Stairgates
  • Cupboard locks
  • Plug covers
  • Safety corners on the sharp coffee table corners
  • Door guards to prevent the doors closing on little fingers
  • Locks and chains for the front and back doors
  • Cleaning products locked away
  • Fridge locks
  • Knife blocks moved completely out of reach
  • and so many more

Of course there are many other hidden dangers to our children which we don’t even think about, Rattan Direct have put together a quiz for parents to see if they know if their homes are baby proofed.

You can have a go yourself:

Click on the picture to take the quiz yourself


I took this myself and it took only around 3-4 minutes.

Here are my results:

***Dusts off halo and sighs a sigh of relief***


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