Use Home Improvement Projects to Improve Your Life

Think about where you spend most time, or where you enjoy spending time. What would you like to be doing more of? Are you an amateur cook who itches to be a food boss, but are feeling held back by your current workspace? Are you tired of cleaning up all the time and want more ease in your day-to-day maintenance? Perhaps you would like more relaxation, or a nicer smelling home. Whatever your dream, there’s a home improvement to make it become a reality.

Kitchen remodel

Do you dream of a more professional space to work in? If you’ve ever thought that you could make weekday dinners less stressful to make and more delicious, you should start by making your kitchen like the pros’.

Many of us suffer from cluttered sink syndrome when we cook. To combat this, you can have a super duper large sink installed to help you out with washing up, and even install a foot pedal so you can rinse your hands without fuss, and keep your knobs sanitised when you’re working with poultry or pork.

Soft-closing drawers and cabinets could save you massive headaches from angry or rushing family members from slamming them shut.

You could even just change the worktops such as this Carrara marble worktop for a perfect backdrop for your latest Instagram worthy meal.

Living room

Make your life easier by investing in stain-free sofa covers, so you don’t have to rush to scrub red wine out next time you’re lounging and have a little accident. It happens to the best of us, so you shouldn’t have to get new covers each time.

Do you suffer from hyperactive children? It’s tiring and nerve-wracking to see energy-enthused youths launching themselves through the air, so think about investing in toughened glass when you get new windows for your home. Toughened glass means increased security just in case they hit these windows. Plus, they increase energy efficiency and noise resistance – this means a different kind of comfort but comfort nonetheless, and your neighbours will thank you for that too.

Some people get bored very easily, and if you feel a bit lethargic with your current situation, think about switching things around a little. No need for any huge changes – think about a new configuration, give the room a fresh lick of paint or get a new accent piece. This could completely change your relationship with your living space. Scatter cushions and throws do a great job of changing the look and feel of a room.

Add a half bathroom

Do you enjoy hosting get-togethers in your home? Perhaps you have an active social life, and keep on finding that your freshly cleaned bathroom gets dirtied by guests at a rate of knots. If that’s the case for you, you will greatly benefit from a half-bath.

This is a small room with a toilet and a sink that is meant just for a little quick trip. The French are huge fans of these, especially when they are set under the stairs, and lets face it, family households certainly benefit from having more than one loo in the house – why do kids have to visit the bathroom as soon as you lay back in the bath?

If you’re not keen on having a full half-bath installed, give your bathroom a quick home improvement update by adding a dramatic mirror, or painting an accent wall. The bathroom is a personal space and you don’t want your guests to see it as it could be messy. If it’s a bit dreary in there, a small improvement could go a long way, changing the marble is a simple thing which can change the look very quickly, The Marble Store has lots of options, paint the units and change the towel colours for a very quick change.

Think about your windows

Windows go very underappreciated – they keep us safe from outside intruders, insulate our homes and bring in fresh air and light. To get updated windows, think about putting some new double glazing in. You don’t have to do all the windows, but those that are damaged will need replacing to give you extra comfort.

If not, some nice window treatments could breathe new life into drab openings. There is one super easy one in particular that involves cute little fabrics being cut into a lovely Roman blind.

If there’s any damage to your windows, you’ll be feeling it throughout the winter. Make quick fixes by getting an insulating film to put over your openings if you can’t afford to replace them yet – window replacements usually cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

Whether it’s a small home improvement project or a big one like replacing your windows or knocking down a wall if you think about ways you’d like your life to change for the better, changing some things in your home could be the best decision you’ll make. You don’t need to move when you can improve! It can be cheap, expensive, DIY or done with the help of a professional. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, happy and excited to be at home.

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