Can you keep a secret? Look at our home-made father’s day gifts

We have been busy preparing for Father’s Day – which incase you have forgotten is on Sunday, this Sunday 16th June!

We love to create our own gifts and try to do something new each year so this year Emmy has made a special mug for Daddy at school.

A few weeks ago Emmy came home with a picture she had painted at school – cars.  There was a form to fill in asking if we wanted to have her art work turned into a Father’s Day mug so we ticked the boxes, sent in her money and awaited it to arrive.

Here is her special mug for Daddy:

Father's Day Mug, artwork mug,

For Grandad (Paul’s Dad) I made him a special crossword style picture.

For this I brought a few packs of scrabble letters on eBay and a 3d frame also from eBay (they are cheaper in Ikea or even the Range however I had no car so this was my only option at the time).

I arranged the letters so they spelt out the names:
Rosie &
Rascal (the dogs names) in the style of a crossword. 

Once I had worked out the spacing of the letters and words I super glued into place and here is our finished art work.

Scrabble name artwork, name collage,

This is the draft of the one I will be making for ourselves once I buy a new frame:

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