Homemade Beauty Treats for your Hair

Everyone wants beautiful hair but if you can’t afford to spend hours in the hair dressers, how can you achieve it?
Lets face it, as a working mum I certainly don’t have time to spend that much time on myself which is why I dye my own hair at home straight from a box then pop to the hairdressers for a cut and tidy up – it’s an easier option for me as I can pop the dye on and then carry on with the jobs which need doing in the house with a towel wrapped around my neck sitting in a bra carrying on with my work (something I certainly wouldn’t get away with in a hairdressers…unless I want to get arrested that is!).
Sadly, it’s time to admit that 40 is fast approaching and I need to take better care of myself, since having kids and I am sure I’m not alone here they seem to have prematurely aged me and started to turn my hair grey, that’s when I’m not tearing it out in frustration…..of course you could explore hair transplant costs if that carries on or hopefully before it gets to that stage you could try some homemade beauty treatments to get your hair back into a healthier condition.


Believe it or not, you don’t need to spend a fortune. There are plenty of things you can do at home to improve the condition and health of your hair. Just try some of these simple recipes using healthy foods—but you don’t eat them. Apply them to your hair and you’ll soon notice the difference!

Your hair will benefit from the application of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that can be absorbed to improve its condition. Nourished from both the inside and the outside, your hair will soon be looking glossy and healthy.

Lemon and egg shampoo

This wonderful hair rinse smells of fresh citrus and makes the perfect way to clean your hair. Combine lemon juice, eggs, ginger tea and olive oil with castile liquid soap. Use it just like normal shampoo—wet your hair with warm water, massage it with the shampoo and then rinse it away.

Creamy avocado mask

This rich concoction is a fantastically indulgent treat for healthier looking hair. Blend avocado, olive oil and cream to make a pale green paste. Plaster it onto your hair and then protect it with cling film or a shower cap and let it steep for half an hour or so. Rinse it out and then shampoo as usual.

Egg and vinegar conditioner

Apple cider vinegar has been used for many years to improve the condition of hair. In this recipe, it’s mixed with eggs, olive oil and glycerine to make a rich mask that will leave your hair beautifully soft. After shampooing, apply it to your hair and leave it on for up to half an hour. Then rinse off with warm water and style as usual.

Mayonnaise and yogurt conditioner

This rich, creamy conditioner will really work wonders for dry hair! Mix an equal amount of mayonnaise, egg white and yogurt together and then apply it to shampooed hair. Wrap it with cling film or a towel to stop the drips and let it sink in for up to an hour. Afterwards, rinse off with warm water—but not too hot or the egg white will set.

Honey leave-in hair mask

Honey has wonderful properties for nurturing your hair. Blended with yogurt, olive oil and eggs, it creates a rich mask that can be applied to dry hair to prevent split ends. Leave it on for 15 minutes or longer—use a shower cap or cling film to stop it dripping. Then shampoo hair like normal.

Coconut oil and egg yolk conditioner

Mix coconut oil and egg yolks to make a creamy gold conditioner. After you’ve washed your hair, use it like any other conditioner—massage it through your hair and let it sit for five minutes. Then rinse it out with cool water for shiny, tropical scented hair.


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