Hotter School run shoes for Mummy #Review

Just because Emmy was the one who started School it doesn’t mean that she should be the only one to get new shoes.

Mummy’s need new School run shoes too, don’t they?

I walk Emmy to school everyday, then walk back home again twice a day, while pushing the double buggy. 

The School is a 20ish minute walk depending on whether Emmy walks or goes into the buggy.  If she walks it can take up to 35 minutes to get there.  That totals up to a lot of time spent on my feet, especially as twice a week I then walk up to the Supermarket to stock up the fridge and cupboards

On an average day this is the amount of steps I rack up on my Fitbug:

Recently Hotter Shoes asked if I would like to choose a pair of shoes for myself to review, giving me the choice between about 8 pairs.  Browsing through a pair caught my eye and I knew these were my new school run shoes.  A touch of colour to my usually drab wardrobe.

These are the shoes I chose:

Jewel Shoes are not my usual style of shoes, they are flat for a start.  Usually the only flats I wear are flip flops or trainers and I prefer shoes with a wedges or square heel to them. 

However knowing the amount of walking I would now be doing on a regular basis I opted for sensible shoes. 

These come in 4 colours – Black, Chestnut, Red & Taupe

A ballerina pump style made from super soft leather with underfoot cushioning – these slip on and fit like a glove. 

I often find when walking long distances that my heels hurt and start to burn after a while, I’ve been wearing these day in and out for a few weeks now and I’ve had no rubbing or blisters and I could happily keep walking.  The cushioning is great in these shoes and they really are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have worn.

Initially when I saw the price tag of £69 I thought that was high but they are SO comfortable they are definitely worth that price.  They are great quality too and will last unlike many of the cheaper shoes I have bought in the past – these will not need replacing in a few months or even a few years time.

Disclaimer: I was sent these shoes for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own unbiased views.

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