The Hottest Home Decor on the Cheap

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often becomes apparent that one’s home needs a makeover. Whether
you’ve just moved in to a new property that has out of date décor
or find your traditional abode out of step with new fashions and
styles, the need to redecorate can be an exciting, though bewildering
process, especially if one lacks the resources to decorate in the way
you’d like. Here are our top tips on decorating on a budget.

your rooms lack centrepieces such as fireplaces, alcoves and the
like? Don’t despair; it’s actually very easy to create contrast
and space in a room that originally lacked either. Try out two tone
wall colourings, starting with one lighter colour for the upper
section of the walls whilst picking a different, darker tone of the
same colour for the bottom section of wall. Mirrors can also be a
for more pokey rooms. With strategic placement, mirrors can open up a
room, spreading light and making rooms seem far larger than they
actually are.

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it comes to furniture, finding stylish pieces on the cheap can be
rather difficult. The answer; trawl through discount stores. Online,
sites such as Bedstarhave a diverse sale
and clearance collection that doesn’t compromise on style or
quality, whilst popping down to your local thrift or second hand
furniture store can help budding decorators find excellent,
inexpensive vintage pieces that are very much vogue at present.

can often be one of the most expensive aspects of home decorating; a
visit to a local gallery can easily make one feel rather crestfallen.
The secret is to firstly, buy art and prints online, where discounts
are plentiful or, alternatively, simply make your own! Using patterns
and similar colours, a cheap canvas can be made into a masterpiece,
and visitors will be consistently surprised and enamoured with your
newfound artistic flair!

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can be a source of tedium in the household; a dumping ground where
years of useless ornaments and items are laid to rest. Put some of
these old knickknacks
to work, though! With ingenious colour matching with the rest of the
room, certain items (once regarded as tat) can be transformed into
stylish focal points in any room.

colourful, boutique storage can often lead to homeowners forking out
large amounts, but by buying cheap and discounted storage furnishings
and updating them a lick of paint, storage can easily be accrued on
the cheap! Try and match tones with the rest of the room, without
repeating oneself, and boring, plain white storage items can create
an excellent variety and difference of shades in any area of the

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