House makeover plans – changes I’d like to make to our forever home

Rainbow staircase

When Paul and I moved into our house around 13 years ago now we never in a million years thought we would fill it. With 4 bedrooms and at the time being only 2 of us it seemed ridiculously huge but it made sense to buy it – well it was actually an accident we did.  Paul’s parents lived here before us and they were just about to move into a new house when their buyer pulled out, in danger of loosing their dream home Paul took out a mortgage on this house with plans to sell it on.

Of course seeing as we have been here for around 13 years that obviously didn’t happen. We got engaged and it seemed only natural to move into the house which was sitting empty.

Within a year we got Barney, our rescue dog. Barney was left tied up to a bus stop a week before Christmas and just slotted into our lives perfectly, of course Paul thought it would stop me from becoming broody and it worked for a while, we got married and then after lots of heartache and years of trying Emmy came along and our house began to fill up rather quickly.

Emmy's Nursery

The spare room (one we rented out and another was a study) made room for the Nursery with all the belongings rubbish being moved into the study. Our friend moved out and that became a spare room dumping ground.

When Harry arrived the study became his bedroom with the desk moving downstairs to the front room and the other bits being relocated to the now dumping ground.

Pitarte themed bedroom

While we do have a spare room it’s now actually inaccessible and really needs sorting out. It was my plan to have this done over the summer however I have discovered it’s impossible to sort anything with the kids around, as soon as I make a pile to go to the tip or a charity shop pile they are playing with the toys and refusing to part with their new favourite items.

I’d love to say this will be sorted this year but I know it’s rather unlikely to be finished and be inhabitable any time soon as I keep having other plans for the house which take up all our time and money instead.

I really need to get the downstairs hall finished, a bug bare of mine seeing as a friend is doing it and started LAST SEPTEMBER – I’ve now reached the end of my tether in this being completed and I’ll painting myself once the kids are back in school. Paul painted the spindles in the rainbow colour theme, our friend is finishing the walls – or supposed to be!

Rainbow staircase, house makeover plans

Our HUGE kitchen with loads of storage which I never dreamed would be filled, soon over-filled with essential gadgets and other whim purchases which are rarely used and no matter how often I rearrange the cupboards they still over fill. One of my favourite rooms in the house and the place I spend the most time in when friends come over (why is it that you always congregate in kitchens at parties or gatherings?).

While I love this large space in the summer; in winter, although the second largest room in the house, it can feel small, both due to the lighting and the bushes in the garden obscuring the view and natural light. It has a large window and a glass door but it can feel a little enclosed at times.  With Paul’s family business being an architectural company, we have been talking about making some changes to this room, which was extended when Paul’s parents lived here.  We are looking into converting the ceiling within the extension part of our kitchen to a vaulted ceiling – this would make the room look and feel even bigger and by adding roof windows it would bring more light into the room. In preparation for this work I have been looking at blinds from the company VELUX as although I do want more light into the room, there will be times I’ll need to close the blinds when the sun is overhead and I’m cooking – yes I do cook occasionally Dad – I know you are reading!

My upstairs bathroom also needs repainting as the paint is peeling from the cupboards, the ceiling is discoloured and the purple coving could do with a new lick of paint in a new colour as I am bored with this now and I really want to replace the shower in our downstairs shower room as ours leaks and there is mould on the tiles which I’ve been unable to remove.

Are there any major or minor improvements you would like to make within your house?


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  1. Is this a thinly veiled attempt at emotional blackmail on your friend who is meant to be updating your hall? Love the spindles, by the way! X

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