House Valuations: Easy Ways you can Help Improve the Price of your Property

If you’re thinking of selling your home, did you know you could possibly increase its market value in a number of really easy ways? You might feel you need to have a lot of expertise in the building trade – and while this would of course help – this isn’t necessarily the case. Even a beginner can carry out some basic jobs to help make your home a more sellable and valuable asset.

So, take a look below to see a few ways you can go about doing this with your property:

A Deep Clean

Imagine you’re viewing a house, if it’s dirty and untidy you’ll probably be put off, or at least assume the property is priced too high. The simple thing here is to declutter and clean everything from your upholstery to your curtains, to leave a fresh and clean canvas for prospective buyers.

Fresh Coats of Paint

In addition to the above, if you have bright and garish colours on your walls then you need to repaint these in neutral tones. Again, this brings a new and fresh look to your property and can help improve its value.

Attractive Green Space

Having a garden can be a big price boost, but you need to make that green space look the part. This means it’s time to don the overalls and get the tools out to cut back, mow and trim any overgrown areas. You could also pressure wash your patios and inject a new lease of life into the spaces around your home.

Safe and Secure Fixtures

If and when you get an offer on your property, it’s likely that these buyers will have a survey carried out to properly assess the state of your home. If this survey reveals things like your gas fixtures or your electrical wiring are old-fashioned or need replacing, they may use this as a bargaining chip to get money off the sale. What you can do is pre-empt this by checking these yourself and spending a little money getting these fixed and updated by registered plumbers and electricians.

Extra Advice

Another useful thing to do is look at the potential value of properties in your area. You can use house valuations tools like this from Andrews to help you get a better idea of what your home is worth and ultimately how much more you could maybe get for it.

So now you know a few ways you can potentially get the most out of your home and see you on the way to a sale which brings you the best returns.


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