How organised are you – is it written in the stars?

Those of you who know me well will know I am the least organised person in the world, I always start with great intentions – each new tax year my accounts are up to date and spreadsheets filled in at least weekly if not daily but fast forward a few months and all goes to pot again and I am left chasing my tail quarterly making sure all is back in order, only for things to slide again.

The same goes for the house sadly, I finally find the bottom of the washing basket and triumphantly declare I will keep on top of things but of course it doesn’t happen and before I know it I’ve an overflowing basket yet again and no space to hang all the clothes and of course the weather at that point turns bad.

Furniture at Work have made an infographic to show the connections between our star signs and our mess – take a look and see if your organised mess could be written in the stars…

Filing Cabinets from Furniture at Work

I’m a Sagittarius and it seems mine is half true to form – I am a horder as much as I hate it – I just seem to collect things around me all the time. I have organised piles around the house – the filing is in one corner of my kitchen which I sort out every month or so when I get time to move into the correct folders or shred. I have piles of paperwork and review items in another corner of the house, they stay there until the work is completed otherwise they will get lost or forgotten.

I definitely don’t put things in alphabetical order and my attic is empty but the spare room however is another matter entirely.

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One thought on “How organised are you – is it written in the stars?

  1. I’m an Aries and I am soooooo organised, in fact,I am often described as suffering from OCD when it comes to cleaning/mess as I cannot stand mess and cannot settle unless everything is tidy and in its place – so the opposite of what this chart says!

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