How to choose the right flooring for your little one’s room

Your little one’s bedroom is their haven – it’s where they learn, play and dream. Which is why it’s important to create a space in which they can thrive. Whatever the size room you may have, it’s easy to create the perfect space for both rest and play. However great rooms aren’t always about the furniture and wall designs, it can also be about your flooring.

Which is why I have teamed up with Amtico to round up some of the best options for child bedroom.

Pack-Away Colour

Bright and fun colours are always a hit with the little ones, so why not incorporate this into their room? If you don’t really want to commit to a new carpet, then you can always invest in soft colour tiles. Due to its soft and spongy texture, this flooring option is perfect for those adventurous toddlers who can’t keep still. The best thing about these tiles is that they can easily be packed away at the end of the day.

Experiment with rugs

If buying a new carpet is out of the question, then why not start with a bright, bold rug as a base for the rest of the design and layout of the room. You could also look for more unusual shape rugs that can create a fun pattern on your little one’s floor. Circles work well as children often play stepping stone games and turn their room into their own little obstacle course.

Laminate flooring

With kids running around there are endless accidents waiting to happen, and your floor usually takes the brunt of it. Due to its durability and scratch resistance laminating flooring may be one of the better options for your little one’s room. As well this stains and marks can easily be removed so you don’t have to worry too much when you get the paints and crayons out. The best part about laminate is that if there is a damaged section then it can be replaced easily and cheaply.

Vinyl flooring

Very similar to laminate – vinyl is just as good for your little one’s room. Vinyl can come in various colours and designs and can even turn your child’s room floor into a roadway or a princess castle, making it perfect for playtime. Not only is it versatile but it’s water-resistant, sound-absorbing and easy to install.


Carpet is one of the most favoured flooring options when it comes to bedrooms. This is because of its plush soft texture that makes any room seem more comforting. Not only does the cushion of the carpet add to the relaxing atmosphere but it acts a padding for any trips or falls children may have. Although not the best for cleaning spills up, carpets can come in various styles and colours perfect for the older children who want a place to relax.


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