How to create a Batman/Skyline feature wall

As you will have seen over the past few months I have been decorating Harry’s new bedroom. It actually didn’t take that long at all and was completed in a few days but I’ve been spreading these posts out a little and adding a few final touches when I work out what it is that was missing and bugging me.

One of Harry’s favourite features of his bedroom, aside from his racing car bed is his feature wall. Something I did by myself (the kids did help paint parts of it) and am rather proud of.

How to create a batman/skyline feature wall

How I created his Batman feature wall

Firstly I measured up the wall to the height I wanted the tallest building to be, marking points along the wall I drew a feint pencil line all the way across.

I then marked where the lowest height would be and drew a feint line all the way across.

Then using a ruler and frog tape I marked off the outlines of the buildings. I had no set plan for this, so made it up as I went along making each building a different height and shape all the way along the wall.

The outlines at the top only were frog taped.

Next I marked out the Batman calling beacon with tape. To make the oval shape for the Batman sign I cut myself a template from a cardboard box and drew around it.

The sky was then painted first, painting up to the frog tape and around the beacon.

The sky colour is Lapis Lazuli from Lakeland Paints. All the paints used were from this company who make odour free and toxin free paints. There are hundreds of colours to choose from and if you still can’t find what you are looking for they also colour match for you.

The paints come in 1lt and 5lts tins. I used a 5lt of the lighter blue (Lagoon) as it was also used to paint the other 3 walls and 1lt pots of the other colours and I have loads of each left over.

After about 15 minutes I removed the frog tape as you aren’t supposed to wait for the paint to dry before it is taken off. This paint is touch dry in 1 hour although I found it dried far quicker. The great thing about these paints was the lack of odour and that they were quick drying, this meant not only could the children help to pain but Harry was able to sleep in his room that evening and I didn’t have to worry about him breathing in the fumes or touching the walls.

While the sky was drying I marked out the windows on the buildings in frog tape and painted those yellow. I used different window shapes and styles to make it look like a busy city scene.

When all the windows were painted yellow I removed the tape and left for a day to dry.

I waited so long as for the next part I wanted to put tape over the yellow paint so needed it to be completely dry.

I then taped off the windows so they didn’t get black paint on them, and taped off the top of the buildings making the tape go over the blue and flush with the building outlines.

This made painting the buildings an easy job and was fast too. I did find the black needed at least 2 coats.

Again when finished the tape was removed.

With a steady hand I painted the Batman calling beacon light blue and yellow.

I made myself a template of the bat signal from card and drew around it. I painted this black. This was the hardest part of the feature wall as I was standing on a step and needed a very steady hand.

You could of course cheat and order a wall sticker. When dry I actually used a black sharpie to go around the bat signal and correct any little mistakes I could.

I’ve finished off the skyline by adding Harry’s remote control light up moon, this is from Brainstorm Toys.

I also added glow in the dark stickers for a starry sky and to highlight the calling beacon, with the finishing touch of a glow in the dark H on one of the buildings.

This really was very easy to do. I’ve no painting skills what so ever but by marking out the areas with frog tape, I was able to do it so easily (I did also add frog tape to the skirting board and along the side of the other walls to avoid having to cut in).

This took me 2 days to complete. There are a few niggly things which are bugging me and I will touch up at some point soon. (The tape moved when Emmy was helping pain on set of Windows so they aren’t straight – his bed covers most if it and unless you are looking for it you don’t really notice)

The colours used for this project are: Black, Sunflower (yellow), Lagoon (light blue) and Lapis Lazuli (darker blue)

Disclaimer: Lakeland Paints provided me with the paint I needed to complete this feature wall.


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