How to Create a Practical, Family-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which means when you’ve got little ones you need to make sure it’s as family-friendly as possible, while still being a practical space for you to cook in.

Every family is different, meaning you’ll have your own unique needs and wants. That’s why, when you’re designing your kitchen, you need to assess what’s important for you and your family, taking the number of kids you have, their age, their interests and your budget into account.

And to help you get started, here are a few extra tips I think you’ll find helpful:

1. Make It an Interactive Space

It’s important that your kitchen space feels comfortable and inviting, so your kids, you and your friends and family want to spend time in there.

Limited on space? Then it’s a good idea to try and open up your kitchen with your lounge. Getting rid of boundaries helps create a multi-functional, spacious area so you can all spend more time together (and you won’t be stuck on your own when you’re cooking!).

If you are creating an open plan space, make sure there’s plenty of seating for everyone. A comfy sofa is great while having kitchen stools underneath your island unit creates extra seating without eating up too much of your space.

2. Consider the Practicalities

Because you want your kitchen to be as practical as possible, you can become too focused on practical features, but they might not work with what you have or want. For example, kitchen islands are great but there’s no point having one if you’re struggling for space.

Equally, always make sure your food preparation and cooking areas are free of any obstacles, i.e. seating for the kids. You need to be able to get from A to B without worrying about tripping over the kids’ toys.

3. Make It Fun for the Kids

If your younger children feel engaged and welcome, they’re far more likely to spend more time there. That’s why it’s a good idea to create a lower drawer for them where they can get their own plates, cups and snacks from (within reason!). This helps them feel involved in the space and shows them how to be organised and tidy without needing your help.

Equally, kid-sized furniture will make them feel grown up because they can eat their dinner just like you – and this helps keep them engaged while you teach them table manners.

Finally, try to unite style with function. So even though copper worktops are bang on-trend, they’re going to be an absolute nightmare with sticky fingers and spilled drinks. Weigh up your choices and consider what will work with your style while still being easy to maintain.

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