Turning our battered old shed into a Beach Hut with Valspar

how to create a beache hut shed tutorial

This Summer I am on a mission to sort, tidy and repurpose our garden. Every year we start to cut down the trees and make it a more usable space but after a week we give up due to having to remove the garden waste ourselves – once our green bin is filled we have to wait for an entire week until it is emptied and by then we’ve lost that enthusiasm and they just grow again.

Finally, we have our hearts set on this job and we are tackling it at a great speed – the trees are nearly all down now and instead of leaving until the following week when the bin is full we have chopped and piled ready to refill. It’s given us another 3ft of garden space and we are now spending so much time outside – not finished yet but not far off.

One of the bigger jobs which needed attention was our very old battered shed – this was in the garden when we purchased the house over 17 years ago now and it’s never seen a lick of paint so was weather worn and rather an eyesore.

Spending a lot of our holidays in Cornwall I wanted to bring our love of the beach into the garden so had the idea to turn it into a beach hut.

Valspar very kindly offered to help with my latest project and sent me the paint I needed for this project.

I had intended to use Primer on the shed first but I am far too impatient so didn’t bother.

Firstly, I used a soft brush to sweep away all the cobwebs and dirt from the shed windows, sides and the door.

Next, I frog taped around the windows which would help me to save time and meant I didn’t have to cut in around the edges.

Then I painted the whole shed White, this was a really quick job as there was no cutting in to do and only 2 sides of my shed are accessible and visible anyway – one side is hidden by the back fence and the other by my neighbours fence.

I had hoped one coat may be enough however due to the fact it had been untreated for so many years it took 2 coats but as it was a very hot day the first coat had dried by the time I had reached the end of the second panel.

I left this to dry over night to make sure both coats had dried then using the frog tape I marked out alternate slats on the shed – this did take a little time and half way through I wish I hadn’t started but it did mean I wouldn’t have to cut in or worry about being really careful when painting the blue.

Painting in the Blue stripes was also really quick as I had pre taped off the white sections so it was really a case of paint and go as I was able to paint over the tape knowing I wouldn’t ruin the work I had done yesterday.

I choose to paint all of the door Blue for ease and as it gets opened and closed a lot – while the white and blue stripes on the shed looked good I knew finger marks would quickly appear over the door if left white


I didn’t have to wait for the Blue to dry before pulling off the frog tape, in fact it’s best to pull off straight away if you can.

I finished off this project by attaching some pirate bunting which was left over from Harry’s old bedroom and attached with drawing pins to the top of the shed.

It has really helped to brighten up the garden and everyone including us just loves it.

The colours used for this project were: Valspar Garden White and Valspar Garden Pleasant Surprise. If you are looking for a certainly colour and you can’t find it Valspar also offer a colour matching service so you can have that perfect shade of paint every time.

Disclaimer: I was supplied with the paint for this project free of charge in exchange for this post.

4 thoughts on “Turning our battered old shed into a Beach Hut with Valspar

  1. I was thinking about doing this with our garden shed as we need a splash of colour in our garden. It’s never going to look like one of those well preened, planned gardens, so I think we should just go for fun and colour instead.

    1. That’s exactly why I did it too.

      We are removing all trees and flowers as we are rubbish at gardening and maintaining so thought fun and colourful would be better

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