How To Create A Child-Friendly Garden With The Right Garden Furniture

Having somewhere safe for the children to play is a constant worry for young parents, especially if living close to a main road. Luckily, for many the answer lays the other side of the kitchen door.

While garden furniture that are aesthetically appealing and of high quality are perfect for parents who want to achieve the child friendly garden that they’ve always wanted – a child friendly garden requires much more than just the garden furniture.

Check your Plants:

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No matter how much you love your climbing roses, they have to go. Plants which bear thorns, big or small, are a potential hazard. Young children will prick their fingers or worse, try to grab the plant and pull it, getting a palm-full of thorns for their trouble. Many of our everyday plants are classed as poisonous if residue gets on the skin, or seeds/flowers are ingested. They also have to go.

Check your Boundary Fences:

Inspect all your boundary walls and fences. Remember those nails and screws that were put in to hold something long gone? Now is the time to pull them all out to save any plastic balls being burst, or worse, heads being damaged.

The Garden Shed:

The simplest way is to keep it locked. If however, the kids outside playthings are stored in the shed, check it out. Make sure all your garden tools, especially the likes of forks and rakes are secured so the little ones can’t get them. Pesticides and fertilisers all need to be stored on high shelves, in locked cupboards, or removed completely.

Turn the garden pond into a play area

Children have a natural curiosity when it comes to water, sometimes with fatal results. The pond has to go, but for now just drain it, there are plans afoot. Afterwards, you can turn it into a sand pit where your children can safely play and have fun. There are many suppliers of kid’s plastic garden furniture and playthings. Toadstool chairs, plastic tables, slides and climbing frames, are all available. Easy for the children to move about and safe if a little one falls on them. Turn over a small patch of soil in their play area, so they can watch their own plants grow.

Once your child-safe garden is completed, relax. Enjoy your own patio furniture while sitting in the sunshine. Watching the children, as they plant some cress seeds in their own little piece of heaven.

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