How to enjoy Bonfire night when you have children

tips for enjoying bonfire night with kids

Bonfire Night can be an extremely enjoyable time of year for your children, but it’s not without its challenges. Some kids are afraid of the loud noises and wind up being very quiet about the whole thing. For others, it’s the exact opposite, and their excitement around fireworks means you may find yourself worrying about their safety.

If you do Bonfire Night properly, it’s often a brilliant event for the whole family, so here are five top tips for getting it right this year.

1. Take control with your very own fireworks display…

Public fireworks displays are great. However, if you want to guarantee that everything goes smoothly, nothing beats planning your own fireworks display. This way, you can tailor the whole thing to your family’s taste.

2. …But be safe!

Safe firework use is extremely important for all ages, but it’s especially important to practice safe firework use around children. When you’re hosting your own fireworks display, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Buy fireworks from the right people. To quote the Met Office, “dodgy fireworks are bad news”.
  • Store your fireworks in a safe way, such as in metal box with a secure lid.
  • Make sure a responsible person is lighting the fireworks and they have everything they need: a bucket of water, protective clothing and eyewear, supports for the fireworks, and a taper to light the fireworks at arm’s length.
  • Use gloves to pick up fireworks after they’ve been used. Do this right after the display and also the next morning.

For children, safe sparkler use is essential. Make sure they are wearing gloves, keep a bucket of water nearby to dispose of the used sparklers, teach them about the potential dangers, and don’t give them to children under five.

Safe firework use is remarkably easy to achieve. It just requires preparation, and this preparation will teach your kids to respect fireworks as well as admire them.

Absolutely awesome fireworks display at @Flambardsuk Fantastic end to our holiday

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3. Get everyone together

If you’re going to host your own fireworks display, you may as well invite a few people over. A fireworks display has plenty of scope to become a big family and friends event. Allowing your children to invite their friends and/or cousins is a great way to show them how fun Bonfire Night can be.

Still, you may want to keep your display a more intimate event with your immediate family and there are some great ways to do that, too. You can even build up to the event by getting your children to cook with you. After all, you’ll want something warm to eat if you’re stood outside on a November evening.

4. Consider the wide range of fireworks for sale

Remember that fireworks don’t need to be expensive, loud, or dangerous. There are cheaper and quieter options available, and fireworks can be extremely safe if you buy fireworks from the right people.

Fantastic Fireworks is a reputable fireworks retailer and has a great range of safe, affordable, quality fireworks for sale alongside a great range of fireworks accessories. From near-silent fireworks for children who dislike loud noises, to extremely safe and noisy options, to child-friendly glow sticks for children too young to use sparklers, there is a huge amount of choice out there for people who want to buy fireworks online.

5. Remember that it’s about more than fireworks and bonfires

Bonfire Night is an odd tradition when you think about it. The history of the event is about someone who wanted to blow up Parliament, but today it means something very different.

Whereas most other winter holidays are about keeping warm inside, Bonfire Night is a time of a year to enjoy being warm outside. It’s a great chance to get your children out of the house, away from the TV or the computer, and into the great outdoors.

As well as going outside, Bonfire Night is about getting everyone to do something together. A lot of ink has been spilt about the positive effects of giving children tasks and responsibilities, and there are many safe tasks and important responsibilities associated with Bonfire Night. Someone needs to fill up those buckets of water, someone needs to clear up all those used fireworks and sparklers in the garden the next morning, and everyone needs to make sure they are using their sparklers safety.

A safe, fun, family-friendly Bonfire Night is an unforgettable experience for you and your whole family. No matter how you choose to celebrate it, keep your children in mind this November 5th.

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