How to excite my Hubby in one easy move!

That look on your child’s face when you present them with a new toy is always priceless.

This excitement doesn’t go away as you grow up – if my hubby is anything to go by…
Paul has always been a SONY fan and our house can be found hosting a whole array of such branded gadgets.

I’ve never been a gadget person really as long as there is an on button and more importantly an off button then I am happy, however when Emmy can work my smartphone better than I can, can access all her apps easily and can turn on the DVD player, source the correct channels on the TV and start playing it quicker than I can make a cuppa tea then I know I need to change and to keep up with the kids.

Paul tries to bore/tell me all about the latest gadgets however it normally goes in one ear and out the other.  Well until recently when he introduced me to Smart TV and I had to take notice really.

The new technology allows you to place the NFC One-touch enabled smartphone against the Sony One-touch remote – by doing so you can add a new dimension to TV viewing as you can link your smartphone to the big screen.  This means you can look at photos, videos and games from your phone on the big screen effortlessly.

What I particularly like is the look of the remote controls which work with the new Smart TV as it means no wires are needed to connect your phone to the one-touch remote, as long as you have a one-touch enabled smart phone you can just place your phone on top of the remote control and you can see your content displayed on the big screen.

These new Sony TV’s combine high performance and up-to-date technology which that special flair you would expect.  With the new ranges you can find built-in internet connection or Full HD 3D and Ultra HD viewing, enhancing the enjoyment of home cinema viewing and video gaming.

Needless to say Paul is eyeing up a new TV as I type trying to justify it by saying he could teach Emmy hand/eye coordination by playing video games – well he had better get saving as I’m not buying him one even if secretly I think I need one!

Smart TV

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47 thoughts on “How to excite my Hubby in one easy move!

  1. I've seen this on the horizon and whilst I'm a bit like you and scared of gadgets, I'm beginning to realise that this is the way to go. Hubs would be all over it like a tramp on chips given half a chance!

  2. My husband is terrible over gadgets, he goes for puter gadgets and I go for kitchen gadgets. We even have old gadgets because 'they'll be worth a fortune one day'. Ho hum. No room for more unfortunately. Well, that's what I say. Hubby says different. ;O)

  3. I'm glad it's not just my husband that is a massive geek over technology and gadgets. He literally sits and reads tech blogs and news ALL the time – kinda useful when a friend is buying a new phone / tablet but eee it drives me crackers. Don't think I'll be showing him this post any time soon haha x x

  4. I can understand why Paul would love this, but call me old fashion there is nothing wrong with your t v , so if it is not broke why fix it as for keeping up with the kids Clare sorry they will be able to teach you they pick up things quicker than you and especially me unfortunately

    1. Paul used to be into that too pre-kids. Now I wont allow until they are older and he can involved them or better still take them camping…I wont go as I hate it

  5. no dont let mine see it either . lol and jo i think they are when it comes to gadgets, if my elest kids read this it would be on ther xmas wish list smart tv aswell

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