How to Get Your Home Ready for the Christmas Guests

holiday season offers families one of the few opportunities to get
together and spend quality time with each other. With Christmas just
around the corner, many of you will be wondering how you can
arrange your current setup to manage the extra guests. Here’s are a
few tips to make sure you’re ready for when the time comes.
by Getting Organised
first step to hosting any kind of event is making sure you’re
organised. Try and get a firm idea about exactly how many people will
be attending. To be on the safe side, you might want to slightly
overstock to compensate for any unexpected guests. Spread your shopping out over a few trips
than trying to do everything at once. This will make sure you have
plenty of time to pick up any items you forgot on your initial trip.
Any preparation should be done ahead of time so that you can spend as
much time as possible with your guests.

Sure There’s Enough Space around the Table
dining table is an integral part of any home. Often times, it’s the
only place that the family will come together each day and have a
chance to talk. At Christmas, this becomes even more important as
family members, sometimes from far afield, make the effort to visit.
One of the biggest hurdles is making sure there’s enough space for
everyone to sit comfortably. An extendable table like this is perfect for the job.
You can choose to extend it when you have any extra family members
over, or you can keep it compact throughout the rest of the year when
it isn’t in use.
the Spare Room
you have friends or family staying over for the holiday period,
you’ll want to make sure that the room they’re staying in is
ready in time. In fact, even if none of your guests plan to spend the
night, it might be worthwhile to prepare for it anyway. This is
especially the case if your party tends to last until the later hours
of the night, and alcohol is involved. Understandably, rooms that
aren’t used very often can easily amass a lot of dust so give it a
thorough vacuuming and enough time to air. Don’t spend too much
time worrying about the minor details, though, as your guests will be
more concerned about spending time with you.  In our case, our spare room has become a dumping ground for anything I need to find a home for, over the next few weeks I will be continuing to sort this out, binning anything which hasn’t been used in more than a year, rehoming items such as suitcases and our Christmas tree to the loft and making a few trips to the dump to get rid of the old cot and mattresses which have accumulated in there as somewhere in the back of that room is a spare bed.
you already preparing for the holidays? Are you hosting Christmas this year or are you heading out?

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