How to have the contraception talk with your partner

Let’s face it,
contraception isn’t exactly the hottest topic ever. If you’re
looking for a guaranteed way to kill the mood on a date, then
bringing up birth control is it. Having said that, there’s no
getting around the importance of this topic. After all, the stakes
are high. If you want to take your relationship to the next level but
aren’t ready for buggies, bibs and bottles, it’s time to have
that chat.
Lucky for you, there
are more than fifteen different types of contraception on offer
today, ranging from condoms and the
contraceptive pill

to implants, injections and patches. With all this choice, if
you’re to find a method that’s right for both you and your
boyfriend, there’s some talking to do.
Don’t wait until
the heat of the moment takes over
this conversation off can be a big mistake. In the heat of the
moment, it’s easy to get carried away and if you delay your
discussion for too long, you could end up feeling pressured into
doing something you later regret.
Know your implant
from your elbow
There are plenty of
urban myths circulating about contraception. Highlighting this
problem, a 2001 study conducted by Doctor magazine found that
some teenagers believed drinking a lot of milk or standing on a
telephone directory would stop them from getting pregnant.
OK, so these views are
a little unusual to say the least, but misinformation concerning
birth control is rife. To make sure you’re clued up on the facts
and know about all the options open to you, it pays off to do a
little research. There’s plenty of information available online
from sources such as the NHS and
LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor
Things to consider
When you get around to
discussing contraception with your partner, make sure you cover which
methods would be easiest for you as a couple and which would be the
most effective. As part of this, you’ll need to decide what level
of unplanned pregnancy risk you’re prepared to accept.
It might make for an
uncomfortable few minutes, but you’ll also need to consider your
sexual histories. If either of you could have been exposed to a
sexually transmitted infection in the past, it may be necessary to
get sexual health tests done. Bear in mind that your risk is
increased if you have had more than one partner in the past year or a
new partner in the last three months.
The big ‘what if’
There is also the ‘what
if’ question to think about. If your contraception fails, you and
your partner will need to decide how to respond. For example, you
might decide to use emergency contraception. If you’ve had
unprotected sex within the last five days, it’s possible to get a
prescription for the morning after pill. It’s much easier to cope
in these scenarios if you’ve already talked about the possibility.
Bring it back to
The whole point of
using contraception is so that you and your partner can have relaxed,
confident sex. Don’t lose sight of this when you’re talking about
birth control. Focussing on the pleasure you’ll enjoy can make the
chat much less stressful.
A closer bond
It’s easy to put off
discussions about contraception, but the sooner you get this over
with, the sooner you can stop worrying about the risk of unplanned
pregnancy. Also, sharing your thoughts on birth control could help to
bring you closer together as a couple.

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