How to make: Chick & Egg Easter Card

Easter is fast approaching now, whether you like it or not the shops have been filled with Easter Eggs since Christmas – there really is no escaping so we are embracing and getting organised this year.
This is a quick and easy low mess craft which children can enjoy and parents will like as there’s little cleaning up after the kids have finished and disappeared.

You will need:
A4 card folded lengthways
Coloured card (any colour – this will be your Egg shape)
Yellow Card, foam or felt (this will be the Chick)
Glue – we used Bostik Fast Tak Multi Spray Glue (you could use PVA or Pritt Stick)
Orange card
Black pen
Items to decorate (we used stick on flowers and mini egg decorations)
How to make:
  • Fold the base card in half lengthways
  • Draw a Chick shape onto the Yellow card (foam or felt) and cut out – I plan to add a printable PDF of ours to make it easy for you (sadly I’m not organised enough to have it just yet but will edit and add this week)
  • Draw an Egg shape on the remaining card (I’ll also add a printable PDF for you in the week) – cut out and then draw a zig-zag shape to separate this in half, cutting along that line.  This will create the top and bottom of the egg.
  • Glue the chick onto the card
  • Place the bottom of the egg over the bottom of the chick and glue into place
  • Add the top of the egg onto the chicks head and glue into place
  • Cut a rectangle shape from the orange card, fold in half and cut a triangle beak making sure you cut the point of the beak away from the fold and cut both sides of the card.  This will give you a folded beak shape.
  • Glue the bottom of the beak to the chick
  • Draw on eyes
  • Add any decorations you would like
  • If the bottom of the egg over-laps the bottom of the card then trim so the card can stand up
Disclaimer:  We are Bostik bloggers and also members of the Staedtler Try-It Tribe and were sent a selection of craft equipment to create an Easter Craft of our choice.

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