How to make a garden themed frame

Spring is now here and the flowers are beginning to bloom in the gardens – not mine as the kids pulled them all up last year so I’ve not bothered to replace them until they can be trusted to behave again.

Instead I like to fill our house with fresh flowers, however for the times when I don’t have vases filled with colourful flowers Emmy made me a garden themed flower frame which now sits over my desk.

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To make this we used:
To Make:
  • Colour the frame with a green coloured pencil
  • Draw the animals on the wooden flowers and colour in with felt pens
  • Using Glu dots attach the finished flower decorations to the frame

To make the picture inside the frame:
  • Remove the back from the frame and draw around onto blue paper to get the correct size – cut out
  • Cut out a grass effect from green paper
  • Use foam shapes to create the flowers (you could cut out these shapes from card instead), add the string and place the flowers over the top securing in place with the Glu dots
  • Add the plastic from the frame over your picture and place into the frame
  • Emmy then added a paper leaf detail to the front and another flower
We are Bostik bloggers, our monthly makes theme for this month was Garden/Mini Beasts

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