How to make Snowman Skittles

Homemade skittles

It’s freezing and while the weatherman isn’t yet reporting snow much to the kids disappointment, here is a simple way of entertaining the kids with homemade Snowmen Skittles without freezing outside.

Snowmen Skittles, how to make snowmen skittles


What you need:

  • Toilet & Kitchen rolls
  • White paper
  • Coloured paper
  • Eye stickers or a black pen
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • News paper
  • Ball

Start by covering a toilet roll with glue then wrapping white paper around it. Trim to fit and tuck any overlapping edges into the top and bottom of the tube.

Next cut strips of coloured paper, wrap around the top of the tube to make a hat and around the middle for a scarf.  You can then add extra coloured paper for a proper scarf look.

Add a face to your snowman, you can add buttons too if you like.

Make a few of these,  6 is ideal for a game of skittles.

Once dried, stuff with newspaper and your all set to play.

Great fun for all ages and a cheap afternoons entertainment.

Why not try to make your own family of snowmen, or you could try Santa’s by wrapping in red paper and adding a black belt and cotton wall details, or even a reindeer family.

The possibilities are endless.


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