T-shirt Peg Bag

Much to my annoyance my peg bag broke yesterday, it was nothing special but I realised how handy they are when I was having to bend down all the time to pick up the pegs.

I meant to buy a new one while out today but completely forgot, so when my washing was finished I had a brainwave.  I rushed upstairs to Emmy’s wardrobe when I am in the process of sorting out her clothes which are too small, grabbed one of her favourite T-shirts which i was moving into the too small pile and brought downstairs.

I turned it inside out and sewed up the bottom by putting the ends together and using a running stitch all the way along – I reinforced this by sewing across the bottom again, turned it back the right way round, added a baby/child’s coat hanger and in less than 5 minutes I had a new peg bag!!  And it’s a nice way to reuse favourite children’s T-shirts once outgrown.

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