How to make your own Dragon Mask & Tail

We all know children who love dressing up, Emmy and Harry would do this everyday given half the chance but don’t you just hate it when they ask to be something you don’t have a costume for! 
Harry’s latest obsession is Monsters and Dragons, and apart from a Monsters Inc. costume we are completely lacking in this attire so we decided to make our own using card, scissors, glue and very little else.
Dragon costume,  dragon mask, dragon tail, easy to make costume
Here’s how we made ours:
You will need:
  • Card – Green, Red & Black. (If you don’t have these colours you could paint it or colour white card instead
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Lolly Stick
  • Glitter pens (you can use felts, crayons or pencils)
  • Belt
  • Cellotape
To make the mask:
  • Take an A4 piece of Green card and fold lengthways in half
  • Draw a skull type shape on one half with the middle of the design meeting the centre fold
  • Cut out while folded
  • Keep folded and draw an eye shape on one side, cut out while folded
  • Open out
  • Next, take some Red card and fold in half, draw a fan type shape (see pic) and then cut out – you will now have two of these shapes once you cut down the middle.  Glue these to the sides of the mask
  • Using the Black card, cut out 2 eye shapes for the nostrils and 2 horns – glue these into place
  • Decorate with the glitter pens
  • Once dried, turn over and Cellotape a lolly stick into place
Easy to make dragon mask, DIY Dragon mask, how to make a dragon mask
To make the tail:
  • Using thick card, roll into a cone shape and tape into place – paint green unless you have already used green card
  • Cut out 4 triangles of red card, trim each triangle a little so that each is a little smaller than the last
  • Fold over the bottom of the triangle and glue onto the cone
  • Cut 2 slits either side of the big end of the cone
  • Thread a belt through and wear!
With Harry’s help these took less than half an hour to make from items we already had around the home. 

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