How To Prepare Your Kids For a New Puppy

There are fewer things more precious than watching a child and a dog play together. Having a new puppy in the house can be an exciting time for the whole family. It’s not only all new for your puppy, but also for each family member. For children, the excitement of getting a new dog can be overwhelming and it’s a good idea to prepare your child for the realities of having a pet. 

We are actually looking into doing just this in the near future, since losing our beloved 15-year-old Border Collie Barney in April, we are all feeling like a little lost, especially as we had him since he was 6 months old. For a start, we are looking into dog fostering for a little while to make sure we are able to love and care for another dog.

Having a new fur family member is a learning experience for everyone including the kids. Both kids and puppies can get very excited and sometimes rough, so learning some basic facts and rules beforehand is important for keeping everyone safe and happy. If you are just starting your family, it may be easier to wait until your children are past the toddler stages to bring in a new puppy. A new baby and a new puppy in the same house could be a recipe for disaster. 

The important part of bringing a new puppy home is to make sure that their new home feels safe and comfortable to them. It can be a scary time for animals when they are entering a new home and the whole family should be understanding and gentle. Once your puppy is settled you can start looking into training lessons by searching for the best services on In the meantime, you can help your kids to prepare for the real world of being a dog owner.


Dog Sit

If you are just thinking about getting a dog, but aren’t sure if your family is ready yet, try pet sitting for a friend. Bring a familiar dog into your home for just a few days to see how things go. This should give you a good indication if everyone in your family is ready for the responsibility of owning a pet.

Set Rules

It’s good to set down some rules before you bring your new puppy home. You can outline each family member’s duties and assign tasks like feeding, walking, pooper scooper and vet care. You want to make sure that everyone is on board with the expectations in advance.


Once your puppy is old enough you can enrol them in a training class, but to start you should have a list of basic dog commands. Sit, stay, heel and fetch are your standard commands. You want every person in the house to be using the same set of commands so that your puppy doesn’t become confused.

Head To The Pet Store

Take the whole family to the pet store to stock up on all the supplies for your new puppy. Let your kids each pick out a small toy that they can give to the puppy when they arrive as a bonding gesture. Don’t forget to get a bed, feeding bowls, training pads and puppy food while you are there.

Pet Proof

The last step is having your kids help with pet-proofing your home. Younger children should understand that their favourite toys should be put away unless they want the puppy to chew them. All cords, wires, knick-knacks and valuable items should be moved to a safer height or area.

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  1. Thanks for this, we’re looking at getting a puppy in the next year or two so very helpful. Definitely need to teach them to keep their toys safe!

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