How to throw a kids party with a difference, invite a Skunk!

Towards the end of October we had Harry Christened, we combined this with his 1st Birthday party – this was done to make my life easier if I’m honest.

We always have family over for the kids Birthday’s and I thought it would be best to combine Harry’s Christening and Birthday to save money, why have two parties when you can have one!

On the run up to the event I was chatting to an old School friend of mine and she offered to provide the entertainment for us.

I jumped at the chance to have something different to entertain the children.

Why would the entertainment be different?

Well have you ever invited a Skunk or Tarantula to your party?

I thought not!

Talk to the Animals,, zoo keeper talks

Hazel and her husband Danny own and run Talk to the Animals.

Talk to the Animals was set up by Danny Winters in 2007, Danny is a former Zoo keeper with a passion for animals.  He and his wife Hazel own a menagerie of wonderful animals which they can bring along to your party for a completely unique experience.

Depending on the age of the children (or adults I guess) at your party will depend on the type of experience offered by this lovely pair. 

For older guests Hazel and Danny will give a talk about the animals they bring along, they will educate the children on the diets, habitats and fascinating facts about the animals.  The children also have the chance to stroke and touch the animals.

For younger guests, they offer a chance to stroke and touch the animals and will talk about them for those children who are interested.

On the day of the Christening Hazel and Danny arrived before we left the hall for the church so they could set up.

When we arrived back from church they were all set up and ready for our guests.  Very professional in their branded matching T-Shirts, with the animals in their transporting cages on the table and an animal each to hand ready to surprise our guests who we had kept this experience secret from.

To say it was a huge hit would be an understatement!

Hazel and Danny were kept busy all afternoon by not only our children guests but the adults too.

The animals they brought with them were:

  • Owls
  • Hedgehogs
  • Tarantula
  • Snake
  • Lizard
  • Skunk
  • Scorpion
  • Tiger Snail
  • Tortoises
  • Polecats
Talk to the animals,, zoo keeper talks

There were a few adults who were scared by the animals (I won’t name names here Ruth and Dad!!) but they were adored by everyone in general.

There wasn’t a quiet period for the pair, and Emmy especially loved it – dragging me over to the tables whenever a new animal appeared.  We stroked them and asked questions with both Danny and Hazel answering all that was thrown at them.

I would highly recommend this experience for a different type of party – so if your fed up with clowns, magicians and bouncy castles why not win over your friends with a truly unique experience.  Just think of the brownie points you’ll gain (and of course you’ll be the coolest parent ever) by having skunks, spiders and snakes at your next party!

Talk to the Animals are based in Hertfordshire and will travel throughout London and the South East to bring you a unforgettable experience.  Prices start at £160 for a 60 minute experience and parties can be tailored to your needs and the age of the children.

If you are interested in finding out any more information you can visit their website or you can call 01992 535776 or email

20 thoughts on “How to throw a kids party with a difference, invite a Skunk!

  1. oooh that looks great fun! When I did Camp America we had a skunk under our cabin. I will never forget the smell. Horrific! Such a brilliant idea for a party though and one everyone will remember.

  2. Now, as pleased as I am you, Harry and the rest of the guests had a fab time with all those animals and creatures, I have to say I will not be inviting them to any party that I host! Lol! Not sure my monkey's would feel quite the same though! 😉

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