How to Undertake Awesome Yet Affordable Kitchen Makeover Plans

The Kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where delicious meals are prepared to keep the family healthy and is usually where everyone congregates during parties. Like everything, good cooking also needs a pleasant environment and calm mind. That is why the kitchen should be inspiring as well as well laid out to make things as easy for the user as possible. However, renovating a kitchen is not an easy task.

Kitchen interiors should be pleasing to the eyes, and at the same time be functional as well.

There are many ways in which you can upgrade a kitchen without it costing the earth. Installing wall panels is the brightest and most affordable decorating solution, for its unique ability to take the kitchen decoration to the next level.

Here are a few ideas on how you can makeover your kitchen:

Plan to avoid a clashing mess

When accepting the challenge of upgrading your kitchen, your lifestyle, aesthetics, and functionalities must be taken into consideration. No matter the style of the kitchen you have, the first thing to do is to de-clutter it, and you should leave enough between the kitchen accessories for safe and easy movements. Moreover, different materials should be used for the floor and the kitchen back splash. Glossy and slippery items should be discarded to avoid slipping and whichever materials you use they should be easy to clean and maintain.

Why use wall panels in the kitchen

Whether it is your home kitchen or kitchens of luxury hotels, restaurants, and other commercial settings, 3D wall panels can give those a stunning look. The kitchen is such a place where mould growth is not uncommon. Covering kitchen walls with wall panels is a great idea for many reasons including their lasting durability, hygienic reasons and cost.

Wall panel types you can use

While there are plenty of options available, the following kitchen wall panels are great options to help impart a new look.

    • Brick Wall Panels: These are highly suitable for panelling residential and commercial kitchen walls. These impart a natural earthy vibe in the kitchen and also provide very good protection to the walls.
    • Stone Wall Panels: Regardless of if you are revamping a home or commercial kitchen, these can add a dramatic effect to the place. With their natural finish and rustic look, these can make a kitchen traditionally elegant besides offering great wall protection.
    • MDF wall Panels: Made from medium density fiberboards, these wall panels can deliver a natural woody look in the kitchen at a low-cost and can be styled by painting designs on the surface.
    • Acrylic Wall panels: Available in myriads of colours and designs, these make any kitchen vibrant. These are light but sturdy and can protect the walls well besides beautifying it.
    • Gypsum Wall panels: Manufactured from Gypsum, these wall panels can give the residential and commercial kitchens a nice and formal look.
    • Metal Wall panels: These are extremely strong and lustrous wall panelling options.  Coming in many designs, they can enliven a kitchen to the next level.
    • Wooden Wall Panels: These are the best when you want to have traditional log cabin charm in the kitchen.
    • Textured wall panels: Available in heart-warming colours and patterns, these wall panels are perfect for the ultra-modern kitchens. With their stylish look, these can make your kitchen look like coming out of a magazine.

Choosing the right type

Everyone has decoration dreams and wants to turn that into reality. However, finding the perfect panel for the kitchen is quite tough as you have to take care of large numbers of issues. Before you are out for wall panelling, keep the size of the kitchen in mind and the theme you want to depict. Home kitchens are usually small in size, and for that reason, it is better to get smaller size panels. If you are revamping a large commercial kitchen with high ceilings, you should consider buying gigantic wall panels for covering the wall all the way from the floor to the ceiling. Other than these, you can also shop by material, theme, type, and collections.

Looking for free installation saves time and money

As the kitchen wall panels come in modular form, they can be installed very easily. You can do it yourself if you have time, or employ local technicians for installation.  There are wall panels that are available with free installation facility from the manufacturer. Availing that will save you both labor and cost.

Use eco-friendly wall panels

Most of the people are now cautious about the environment. It is better to install eco-friendly panels for a greener world. These are produced from materials that cause practically no damage to the environment. Wall panels made from, reclaimed woods, waste coconut shells, brick panels, etc. belong to this category.

Create a nice focal point

Designing the kitchen with large numbers accessories may be tempting. However, it makes a visual mismatch. Better to have one or two of them decorated with vibrant wall panels.

Plan to cover the wall flaws

Kitchen walls are prone to have cracks, holes and other blemishes. When you are not covering the entire wall, install those judiciously to hide the flaws

Decorate the ceiling

Along with panelling walls of the kitchen, consider revamping the ceiling with wall panels for adding depth and style. Flooring with suitable tiles also helps to upgrade the kitchen.

Wall Panels advantage

When looking for wall panels, they offer you products miles ahead of others. Being designers and manufacturers, the company makes varieties of 3D wall panels to meet different residential and commercial decorating needs. Just spell out the need, and you will find something in their collection to fulfil that.

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