How To Use Marzipan On The Cake And In The Cake

Marzipan is enjoying a
bit of a jump in popularity lately. For a time it was seen as a bit
old fashioned, and when it was used it was just as a layer on a fruit
cake to trap in the moisture. But more and more people are realising
that marzipan is a versatile product that brings more to the table
than just its almond flavour.
You can make
decorations with marzipan, like flowers, animals and fruits and you
can also use marzipan both on and in your cake.
On the cake
Say marzipan and cake
in the same sentence and it’s a fair bet that most people will
think of a moist Battenberg served up with a cup of tea. To get used
to working with marzipan as a topping this classic cake is a great
place to start.
Once you’ve assembled
the cake give it a liberal coating of cooled boiled apricot jam to
fix the marzipan in place. Then lightly dust your work surface with
some icing sugar and roll out your marzipan sufficiently large to
cover the cake. You’ll want it to be about 5mm deep so that it
doesn’t tear when you apply it to the cake.
Place the cake onto the
marzipan and then wrap the marzipan around the cake pressing it
gently into place. Where the marzipan comes to a join crimp it
together with finger and thumb.
Another great way to
incorporate marzipan on a cake is to use it in place of ready to roll
icing for your sugar crafting. It works really well for making
flowers and also fruit. It takes colour really easily, though be sure
to use food colour pastes as opposed to liquids as the liquid
colouring can change the consistency of your marzipan.


In the Cake
Once you’ve made the
dough for the stolen all you need to do is roll your marzipan into a
rope shape that runs the length of the dough. Then fold the dough
over it and pinch the ends shut to create a seal and once it’s
baked enjoy the moist combination of cranberry and almond.
So the next time you’re
wondering what to bake, grab a pack of marzipan
and put it
to use on the cake or in the cake. Or maybe both. Now there’s an
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