How You Can Change The Life Of A Child Through Child Sponsorship

Any parents reading


Some of you are and
that means you know just how important the environment a child grows
up in is to their development. You know how it impacts their
happiness and wellbeing, and you probably get the basic idea that if
your child is cared for, nourished (in both the physical and mental
sense) and its needs met that they will grow up to be a happy and
well-adjusted adult. In fact you don’t need to be a parent to know
this, but having your own child makes this reality more apparent.


as we all know not every child grows up in an environment where they
are loved and supported. We see this tragedy around us every day. You
don’t have to go far from your door to see children being ignored,
shouted at or worse. But at the very least these unfortunate children
in our own society have structures around them that can ensure they
have opportunities to grow. For millions around the world these
simple basics, such as education and healthcare, are far beyond
reach. And without them their horizons are limited. That’s where
child sponsorship comes in.
If you make the
generous decision to be a child sponsor your monthly donation really
does change the life of a child forever. And it doesn’t take much,
just £15 a month can help alter not only an individual’s life but
also have an impact on their society effecting millions of other
Not sure how your
donation has such enormous impacts? Child sponsorship money does more
than provide food and vital relief during emergencies. It helps to
build fresh water supplies in communities. So instead of having to
walk miles to draw water from stagnant or polluted sources people can
have safe, clean water in their village. Scientists rank access to
clean running water as the biggest factor in improving life
expectancy and reducing illness.


With that foundation in
place the funds raised from child sponsorship can then build vital
infrastructure such as schools and medical centres. Education is the
main driver for reducing child poverty. An educated child has better
employment opportunities and also broader horizons as an individual
beyond the world of work. Meanwhile, medical centres provide the kind
of basic medical care we expect to people who could live hundreds of
miles from any kind of hospital. They ensure that people who fall ill
get the treatment they need fast.


And beyond that your
donation does something much larger. Often wider societal issues are
holding back the eradication of child poverty. A lack of government
mandated education, the practise of excluding girls and women from
various aspects of society and cultural practices such as female
genital mutilation all combine to impose restrictions on children’s
lives. Child sponsorship money is used to lobby governments and
create campaigns to raise awareness of these issues and promote
change in attitudes.

So your child
sponsorship really does change the life of the child you sponsor and
many others too.

To find out more about Plan UK and to sponsor a
child visit or click on the picture below.

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