HP Sprocket Limited Edition Gift Set Review

Christmas is fast approaching and lists have been made, if your children are anything like mine these are getting longer and longer. They are at that easy to buy for age where they want EVERYTHING they see on the TV and in shops but it is far harder to buy for my older relatives, my teenage nieces and nephews and young adults in the family – those who aren’t into toys and games any more and are perhaps working and have the money to treat themselves to things they want.

I really struggle with this age group, the things they want they have already treated themselves to with their wages or birthday money and I have no idea what video games they already have.

I recently received a HP Sprocket limited edition gift set to try out and it would be absolutely perfect for those harder to buy for age brackets this Christmas.

Incase you aren’t sure what a Sprocket actually is – it is a portable printer which can easily fit into your handbag or even pocket (or of course the beautiful case which comes in the set) and you are able to print mini photos directly from your phone using this alongside a free downloadable app (available on Apple & Google Play).

HP Sprocket gift set contents

What’s in the box?

  • White HP Sprocket Smartphone printer
  • USB cable
  • Rose Gold Wallet case (for storing your Sprocket, cable and printer paper)
  • Photo Album
  • A code for a FREE personalised sprocket skin
  • 10 sticky backed Printer papers (this is photo paper but also stickers too – just peel of the backing to use as a sticker)

This limited edition gift set is currently on offer for £119.99 (RRP £179) which is absolutely amazing value considering the HP Sprocket alone has a RRP of £119.

HP Sprocket wallet, contents stored inside

Setting up

I am the least technical person I know and electronics baffle me at the best of times but even I had set this up and printed off my first image in less than 5 minutes!

It actually takes longer to remove all the items from the box than it does to print off a photo. Start off by downloading the app – just search HP Sprocket or scan the QR code. Next insert the paper, to do this you need to remove the top off the Sprocket (have the HP logo facing upwards, push down gently and push upwards), the paper is loaded with the blue paper facing downwards then replace the lid.

To print a picture you need to open the app and then choose an image – you can take one with your camera or use one from your phone’s gallery or you are even able to print them from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter.  Once you have chosen a photo you can chose to customise it before printing by adding a frame, stickers or even text – or of course you could choose all of the options.

When finished, turn on your Bluetooth and turn on the Sprocket to pair both devices, when paired hit print and you have a perfect photo printed onto your 2×3 inch photo paper – pop this in your wallet which comes in your gift set, in your purse or you could even pull off the backing and stick to your wall/fridge/art work – the option is yours. Photos printed directly from your phone, wirelessly and instantly so no waiting until you get home to swap images with your friends.

This gift set come with 10 sticky backed photo sheets ready to use, you can purchase these sheets separately and the Sprocket is charged via USB meaning no having to replace the batteries all the time.

This connected up effortlessly to my smartphone and if I can do it within 5 minutes then anyone can!


This really is a very cute little gadget, which easily fits into your pocket. Emmy has already printed out stickers for her friends and added them into their Christmas cards, photos I was made to take of those friends all posing together in the playground.

It would make a perfect Christmas present and the gift set is great value considering all the added extras you are getting inside the pack, especially if you get it for the discounted price as all the added extras are then essentially free.

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Disclaimer: We received this item in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions have been individually formed – post contains affiliate links



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