I came, I saw, I conquered! Britmums 2014

You will have noticed I’ve been little quiet, me quiet?  I know it’s unusual.
Now there is a reason for that.
I’ve been away at a 2 day conference, Britmums live 2014 was last weekend and for a second year running I was there.
I go to these events with no pre-expectation’s and I feel that is the best way.  I had glanced at the schedule before going but I hadn’t taken much notice.  I prefer the ‘go with the flow’ approach.  I’m a very laid back person and hate to be tied to a schedule too much.
I didn’t want to plan too much as I may have been upset if I missed the talks.
Last year I didn’t make many talks and this year was the same – whoops.  But that’s not to say I haven’t learnt a lot this weekend, far from it. 
I’ve actually learnt more about myself this weekend than anything else!
I’ve learnt that I can achieve more than I think.
Next week is my 3 year blogging anniversary, 3 years since I published my very first blog post and 3 years since my life changed.
This blog which started as a way of sharing my children’s milestones now provides me with a comfortable income, a way to pay the bills and to help provide my children with more than I could have thought.  It means I can be a happy Stay at Home Mum, go to all of Emmy’s school events, parents evenings and means I really do have the best of both worlds.
I have finally realised that this is what I love, however I’ve also lost the focus of this blog – as you would have noticed, because it is now a way of paying the bills and they do need paying sadly (especially with Paul loosing his job recently).
For that reason I have a new blog on the way – It’s a work in progress and will be a slow work in progress, this one will be me, a world away from Emmy’s Mummy and a place for me to be me.
Britmums taught me that change is good, there is no need to be scared of it. 
I will now be concentrating hard on my freelance work as well as making my new blog look pretty.
My weekend was amazing.
I met some new friends, friends I have been chatting with for a very long time and to finally meet them was amazing.
I met with old friends, ones who I consider to be my best friend’s, ones I can talk to about anything and everything and talk a little shit in between!
I met with some lovely Brands and met with 2 of my favourite PR’s, Jennie and Aaron – Thanks for such a great weekend guys and girls.
I need to apologise to those who I didn’t get to meet or talk to – there is next year for that! 
I’ve already bought my ticket so I will see you there.
Lastly and with the greatest thanks which goes to my sponsor, Andy – www.childrenarewelcome.co.uk – not only am I so pleased to be taken onboard as a local blogger for this fantastic new site but I actually had the pleasure of meeting Andy after Britmums for drinks, putting the world to rights and having a good old natter. 
Here’s to new friends, new beginnings and to better things.
OK, I admit, I may not have conquered but I have gotten out of my rut and am excited about a new tomorrow.
What did you get from Britmums this year if you attended?


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13 thoughts on “I came, I saw, I conquered! Britmums 2014

  1. Sounds like you've got a lot of positivity flowing right now, although I'm sorry about your hubby losing his job. I would have loved to have been at BritMums, but at over 37 weeks pregnant I didn't dare risk it… Needless to say I'm still pregnant at 38+3 and will definitely be there next year!xx

  2. Sounds like a real learning experience on several levels! I will have to try and attend next year 🙂

  3. Pity I didn't get to meet you at BML, it was my first time and I was just taking it all in! Well done for making such a success of your blog, it goes to show the hard work you've put in! Change is good, and I wish you the best for the new space…may it continue to nourish you the way you intend it to 🙂

  4. It was my first Britmums. I really enjoyed it. Like you, I was quite casually about what I was doing and missed half the sessions. 🙁 But I learned lots from the ones I did attend and enjoyed meeting people that I 'know' from their blogs and twitter (though I still missed loads of people).

  5. Thank you for coming over to say hello on Friday – it was all a bit mad wasn't it and I don't think I spoke to half the people I intended too! So pleased you came away with the inspiration and I look forward to hearing more about your new blog!

  6. It was my second time too and I really enjoyed it, although I always go to lots of sessions (I'm a bit of a swot).
    I found it much more friendly than last year, met tonnes of people on my list, although didn't find you and a few others I was after for a chat. Oh well, there's next year.

  7. Aww thanks for the kind comments Clare. It was great to meet you finally and I think we sorted most of the world out pretty well.

    Thanks for working so hard for us as well – it is great having positive bloggers around the new site to support us. 🙂

    Sorry that I didn't get to meet more bloggers too but if anyone wants to drop us a line then feel free to have a look at us and like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/childrenarewelcome ! We need more Clares!

  8. Damn you, that was going to be my post title lol. G+ session was one that I got the most out of and monetising blogs. I think next year I will plan what session I go to rather than going with the flow as I missed out on some good sessions this year.

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