I survived the summer holidays with the help of Berocca

The summer holidays have been VERY long, 6 weeks off with the children sounded like so much fun at the beginning of the school holidays but factor in trying to work from home with two very energetic kids around me 24/7 then after week 3 it no longer seemed as much fun.

Deadlines still needed meeting, housework such as washing, cleaning and even food shopping and entertaining the kids and time seemed to disappear away from me as did my enthusiasm of having no help around me all summer.

A trip to the supermarket took 3 times as long, with no car during the week we walk there. For me this is a quick 15 minute walk but with the kids it doubled to 30 minutes, a quick trip for essentials soon turned into a full blown war of the children adding in as much junk food as possible and me removing it, them adding toys, me removing it until it became a battle of wills and compromises on both sides.

The kids have had to be patient while I have had to do some work in the day but mainly I have been getting up early to do some before they get up or working in the evenings after they are asleep until around 2am to get everything done. I’ve tried to only work when they are in bed and be fun Mum, packing the summer full of fun and activities – a little hard when Paul has only been able to take a week off of work during this LONG summer.

We have managed to pack so much into our summer holidays, with Harry heading off to school full time in a few weeks I am going to miss my little side kick so wanted to make the summer as fun as possible. Needing as much energy as I possibly could to manage the late nights, early mornings and very energetic kids I have made a conscious effort to cut back on the caffeine and wine, eat a little better and added the addition of Berocca to add a little bounce to my step.

Berocca is the UK’s no.1 energy drink and is packed full of 8 B vitamins including vitamins B1 and B2 which work with your body to release your natural energy, helping you to feel energised during the day.

Usually by mid-morning I am reaching for another coffee and a quick sugar fix, or popping on Netflix in a bid to put my feet up for 10 minutes, however since I have started taking Berocca in the morning I haven’t felt that need or slump in the day and have been able to power through our days out running around after the kids happily with a little energy left to get some work done in the evenings. We’ve even managed a LOT (too many) late nights as a family, reading stories, having movie nights or toasting marshmallows around a campfire.

The kids have noted the small changes too, I have been eating breakfast which I don’t usually do and taking these fizzy tablets diluted at the same time, with me eating breakfast they are eating theirs without fuss or arguments too – always a good thing to avoid fighting and raised voices to start the day and of course with me feeling more energised they have been taking full advantage of it by making me jump on the trampoline with them, head off for another day out or even just head off to the park for a long play. Berocca may well have been my school holiday saviour – along with Netflix for when I have had to get some extra work done in the day, especially when that Money Tree failed to grow!

I may of course need a holiday myself when they are back to school – we’ve managed to cram in 2 holidays – 1 a camping trip and a week in Butlins, a few over night visits to see friends, we’ve been to London a few times, Been to Paradise Park a few times, had lots of play dates and meals out with family and friends, been bowling, danced, see Diversity, watched some awesome shows and even climbed the walls – the climbing walls that is.

We’ve walked miles and miles, completed the summer reading challenge at the library, had friends over for sleep overs, baked together and completed lots of arts and crafts projects.

We have had so much fun and I really will miss them when they are both back in school.

**posted in collaboration with Berocca #YouButOnAReallyGoodDay**


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