If I won the lottery…..

Well wouldn’t that be nice?

I’m sure we have all had that dream where all of our numbers match up correctly and we are the only winner in a MASSIVE jackpot lottery win!  I’ve certainly had if often.

What would you buy?

I’ve obviously a very long list of things I would love.

As I’ve mentioned previously our old car broke recently and it cost too much to fix, we then looked around for options on a new one and decided that lease hire was the best option for our family – if something goes wrong it isn’t our problem.  We’ve now had our new car for almost 2 months now and we love it so much however Paul uses this for work daily meaning I have no car during the week….not a problem as I work from home but it would be rather nice to have to not book in a day where I can use it in advance.  I would love a second car, so I can nip to the shops should the want/need arise, so I can meet friends for lunch without worrying about getting back for the school run in time.

I would love another 4×4 – I really miss my Landrover.  Of course if wouldn’t be hugely practical for the school run – a 4×4 isn’t exactly needed where I live but if you win the lotter who cares about being practical!

Off-Road Cars - Vector set.

My house would be next on the list – not a new house, I love this house as it is perfect for the kids school, it’s round the corner from all their friends, my Sister, my Brother and Paul’s Dads house and office, and very close to my parents too.  What I would do is pay off the mortgage and actually pay someone to decorate from top to bottom while I went on holiday.

I also want the garden completely revamped and made over, both the front and back garden.  The back especially needs attention – it all needs levelling over, the trees all need removing from the roots, the grass needs to come up and half the garden will have faux grass and the other half bark chipping where the garden toys will be.
I want a new shed which comes complete with storage so it can stay tidy (I know Paul before you say it – I am the one who keeps messing it all up!), and I would love a wooden play house for the children and a hot tub for the adults.
While the house is being decorated for me I want an office made with a desk and proper office furniture with locking drawers for storing all my paper work away from the kids – of course if I won the lottery I would get a secretary to do all that boring paperwork and accounts for me as I just hate it.
cruise dream
While all this is being done we would be on-board a cruise ship – quite possibly a Disney Cruise as well that would just be awesome for the children. Something which we could all enjoy as a family and which had childcare on-board too so I could actually relax a little myself and finally get rid of these bags under my eyes.
I would have all new ‘working’ appliances in my brand new kitchen – currently my washing machine doesn’t work properly and my little fridge doesn’t work at all, I would have a house keeper and a gardener as these are jobs I hate and I may just have to have a personal chef – well a girl can dream can’t she?
The kids and I would also like our own hospitality box at the O2 so we wouldn’t have to miss a show again but could watch in comfort – and a driver for those show nights as getting home from the O2 on these busy nights can be a nightmare – or of course a suite in a posh London hotel for these occasions…..
What would be first up on your wish list if you won the lottery?
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One thought on “If I won the lottery…..

  1. If I won the lottery I’d do the same really – buy an amazing place to live and go on holiday! I love concerts and events so I’d probably spend a hefty chunk of my winnings on concert tickets. And books too! And of course makeup and clothes obviously… 😉

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